2 motors versus 4 on shooter

Your guys thoughts on 2 motors versus 4 on shooter. Any luck with 2 motors on shooter?

4 motors will help you way moe, however if u plan on being right against the barrier then maybe 2 could work

Do you have a double or single flywheel?

We have 2 motors (speed gearing-160rpm) in each of the 2 flywheels that we have. They seem to be holding up well. We have a 15:1 gearbox that drives each flywheel (one [1]- 5" wheel per flywheel). Currently we are using about 60% of full speed and have not experienced PTC issues.

62’s Robot in 3 Days build shows that two motors do have enough energy for full court. However, when the launcher becomes a flywheel, then things change. I’ve seen a few (and I’ve made one) two motor flywheels, and they typically can’t achieve a rapid fire rate as one with four motors. We use four motors, but it still works with three motors (one of the motor’s shaft came out during competition once :p), so I would go with three or four motors for a single flywheel. Of course, three motors on a double flywheel is awkward, so I would suggest four for double flywheels.

I think honestly your best bet is a four motor flywheel. In both single and double configurations. From what I have seen 4 motors is a sort of sweet spot for flywheels. Four Motors is enough to run reasonable gear ratios while still maintaining low times between shots and thus a high fire rate.

here is a question, I know teams have tried both 2 and 4 motors, but has anyone tried 3?

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I’ve tried 3 motors. It works just as good as 4 as long as everything is absolutely perfect.

As pointed out before its a pretty awkward configuration when used on a double flywheel, but single flywheels seem to work fine with 3 motors.