2 Radio Receivers w/ 1 controller?

I am wondering, is it possible to connect 2 radio receivers on the vex micro controller and use 1 controller so that i can have 12 channels to work with for motors and rx inputs.

Or do i have to have a second controller on a differnt frequency?

Hmm, I would think that if you hooked up 2 receivers to the microcontroller, each of which with the same crystal, it would give you 2 functions for each channel that you manipulate instead of 12 usable channels. I’m no expert, but I think a simple solution to what you are attempting to do would be to use a code that would allow one of the buttons on the rear of your transmitter to act as a switch between control code on the microcontroller. Basically, an if: button is pushed, then: desired controls, else: alternate controls. Do you understand what I’m getting at?

i’m doing exactly this in my project. works fine.

you would need 2 Rx inputs and 2 controller with 2 different crystals. Because there are only 6 channels per one Rx (crystal), you would need 2 separate controllers, unless you want to intermittently change crystals on the same controller.

not true. everything can be on the same frequency, but have the two vex’s programmed differently. i’m using one of the buttons on the rear to select which vex is controller at any one time. both listen for the button and simply ignore commands if it’s not meant for it.

I am pretty sure that i need to use 2 differnt controllers or different crystals because if they operate on the same frequency both receivers would work so i need 2 controllers.

so are you’re saying you have 2 microcontroller’s running or 2 Rx receivers?
it sounds like you are using 2 micro’s which i can totally understand using 12 channels. But If you have one microcontroller and 2 Rx recievers… then there are problems…

this would be easier if i saw a video of you running your controller to the 12 channels

My droid is in pieces right now, but in a few weeks it’ll be back together and I’ll try and shoot some video.

In summary I have

  • 1 Vex Transmitter (i.e. the Controller with Joysticks)
  • 2 Vex Micro controllers (ea. with it’s own RX module). Neither are tethered in anyway, but everything runs on the same frequency.
  • Both run different code, and each of the 8 motors/servos attached have different functions. Selectable by a combination key presses on the 4 back buttons.
  • There is not a 1 to 1 relationship between the motor/servo ports and the joysticks/channels.

okay i understand now. Yeah i figured you would be using 2 microcontrollers cause i think robofreak was talking about 1 microcontroller and 2 Rx recievers to 1 transmitter.

so yeah 2 microcontrollers + 1 tramsitter = totally doable
but your way works too.