2 Remotes, 3 Robots

So we are in a sort of dilemma. We have 2 remotes, but three robots with cortexes and 3 sets of keys. Is there a quick way we can change which remote is connected to which cortex. For example, lets say robots A, B, and C are at the same competition. Robot A and B play with each other in a match. After the match, one of their remotes goes to robot C, who is up in the match directly after. What is the quickest way to make that remote connect to robot C. Is there a way where we can avoid downloading code or anything like that?

Thank you.

I would highly recommend not doing this at a tournament for starters. If I were you I would buy another controller set.

It is an off season scrimmage this weekend and I am unable to purchase another before then. I spoke with the event partners and they said they would give us the time we needed to do this if it took a few minutes. Of course I will purchase another for this coming season. But for now, I would just like to know the procedure to switch remotes.


But if you have no other choice, you should be fine just re-pairing the remote with whatever cortex you are using by connecting the two with an a to a cable. The thing you would need to watch out for, however, is that everything needs to have the exact same firmware version, otherwise, it will simply not work.

Hi everyone…i am new to this forum. By profession i am an Hardware design engineer. I think Junstin and Saz are saying right. I am totally agree with them. If you can then go for the another controller or you should have the knowledge about the hardware and firmware.

First, like the above people said,

Chances are, with this situation, Murphy’s law will bite you in the rear end at the tournament. But if you must, this would be how. Make sure the remotes are using the exact same firmware version as the Cortex, else it will not work. I would update all the Cortexes and remotes to avoid this issue. You really don’t need to use a different pair of VEXNet Keys for each robot.

Not difficult, just a pain. EVERY time you switch controllers from one robot to another, you just need to pair the controller to the robot with the USB cable. No code downloading necessary. As other posters have mentioned, make sure that all cortexes and controllers have the same firmware updates. And, hope that all three robots don’t end up in the same match.

Put your Vex Cortex in a place with easy acces when you can put out the vexnet very fast, then use a USB cable to connect you remote control to your cortex via the USB port and switch on the cortex, in a few seconds you can control the robot with that remote control, thats called “pairing”, the remote control dont save code, only make a signal that only can work with one cortex so you need to pair them

Switch the vexnet keys

You could ask around the pit areas and see if another team brought another remote and see if they would let you borrow it for that day.

Switching the vexnet keys is not going to help, they are merely antennas (essentially). You can use any vexnet keys you want. As long as you don’t mix the old black ones with the new white ones.

This is what I would do. It would be better yet if you could ask any of them beforehand.

On my team, we usually carry an extra of everything, and that includes a controller.

^^ agree with the above, we always bring an extra remote to loan out or in case one of ours breaks.

^^ agree with the above, we always bring an extra remote to loan out or in case one of ours breaks.