2 sets of dual action pneumatics for sale.

I have 2 complete sets of dual action pneumatics that were mounted to a robot that never saw a competition. These sets are about 2 months old and are 100% complete except the tubing. I will sell both sets together for $350 with shipping included to a U.S. destination. We will also consider trading for other parts that we could use, or even stuff that would make a valuable spare such as controllers etc… That’s a $110+ savings on 2 virtually unused set’s that will only require about $10 worth of tubing.

We bought these 2 weeks before worlds and they were only mounted and tested to find too many flaws in our design.

2425 might be interested in this. I’ll need to check with my mentor though

I think we would be interested in this. I will also have to talk to my advisor as well, though.

Although I don’t want this to turn into a bidding war, we would be very interested in purchasing them immediately.

I think it would be fairest to allow the first to respond to have first dib’s if they can answer within a reasonable time frame. If I don’t have a commitment from them by tomorrow then they are yours. They will ship in a USPS Priority mail large flat rate box, you can look at the USPS website to see what the difference in shipping cost would be.

Still available.

Sold. Thanks!