2-Speed Transmissions

Not enough space in our drive for a transmission. We talked about putting one on our defensive robot, but I don’t think we’re even doing one there. Speed is going to be ours, and I believe almost everyone else’s focus.

Just something to consider, a large part of the reason the zone as so hard to use was because the large balls were in the way. If you can create a mechanism to quickly move them out of the way, it would be quite a bit easier.

We loved our transmission last year, but it takes up SO MUCH space. If we can fit it, absolutely. :smiley:

That is also what I saw. If you take out the big balls, you have lots of room to move around. That’s my plan :slight_smile:

I don’t really think there has ever been a great justification for most teams (with a few exception, ex. Green Eggs sack attack), however this year the field is even more obstructed with a bump and enormous game pieces, so I don’t see it as very necessary, however small and efficient the system may be.

That being said, I think a few teams will attempt a power takeoff for a hanging mechanism, powering their climbs with their drive motors.

I’m thinking rubber bands for the hang. Transmission seems too inefficient lol.

How many pistons and air tanks you got?

Pneumatic 6 bar is very difficult and if you don’t have any experience with them I probably wouldn’t try it.

We were also considering a piston 6-bar, essentially what 599D did in gateway. We have 4 double acting pistons and 4 tanks, and plan on rigging it up in a very similar fasion to 599D so that we can have 4 positions (although only really need 3). Seeing as it is our first time trying this, are there any tips you could give us?


Balls off the rail, and we may potentially need more flexibility for capping the 24" goals. But we will have to see, initially we thought we only needed the 2 positions, it would certainly simplify things.

You might be familiar with pneumatics, but tabor’s point is that it is quite difficult to make even a decent pneumatic 6-bar.

Does anyone have any working examples of this they could show off? I remember seeing a few in the reveals but I can’t seem to find them now.

I had one… a drive to lift transmission that transfered 4 motors between the drive and the lift. 599D also had one but it also changed the speed of their drive.
I think a Wafflez style PTO would be pretty cool to make as I really love how compact their design is.

Do you have any links you could share about them?


Some explanation of mine in that thread [http://db.tt/kyxCnq2M pictures of mine from 2 different versions I wish I had some better pictures for you…
It was changed because transferring 3 motors in one axle just destroyed the axles so I had to mesh everything. And screw it together.

The other ones if you search for waffle or 599D you should find it.](http://db.tt/kyxCnq2M pictures of mine from 2 different versions I wish I had some better pictures for you… )

there is this robot from round up!
it used the drive to power a hanging winch

The speed of that hang was unbelievable :stuck_out_tongue:

254(D?) I believe also used a transmission like that to hang in roundup. It was really fast, i want to say about 3 seconds.

No, 254D did not have a transmission. They had a piston to release the rubber bands that were helping the lift move upwards. The lift was powered by 2 393’s and 2 269’s in a 7:1 ratio, on a 17.5 inch arm.

dontworryaboutit should actually be posting this :stuck_out_tongue:


This is our transmission. We have already made significant size and power improvements to the design.

why did the drive wheels spin when they were climbing?

They just didn’t have a mechanism to disengage their drive base, rather just engage their climbing mechanism. It’s what we’re planning to do this year, because it’s a bit simpler than a full PTO and having the wheels spin really doesn’t pose any problems, other than decrease the efficiency of the system a tiny bit.