2 spots for Regionals

A (private) school in my state already Qualifies for regionals. yet they still are going to go to states. Seeing how they are over funded they will probably win again. If they win won’t they be taking a spot away from someone who doesn’t qualify? (hint hint myself)

They are probably going to states to qualify for worlds.

Also no matter the circumstances if they are the best team don’t they deserve to win?

Also spots that are earned by teams that have already qualified aren’t destroyed. They go down a list of teams until they hit a team that hasn’t qualified. Most of the time this is skills scores.

What I’m trying to say is: if they take 2 spots, isn’t that one less spot for someone else?


Tabor473 is right. Last years Wisconsin state competition, one team qualified for worlds in three different ways and another team in two different ways. this made three extra slots that where not used. they usually fill these slots by giving it to the teams who did the best in skills. starting with the best in programming skills, then the next slot to the best in driver skills then back to programming skills, and so on until all of the empty slots are taken.
That’s how we got to worlds.:smiley:

So work hard on your skills; Its the only part of the competition that relies almost 100% on you and your robot.

I second all said above…this just happened to us in the Minnesota State Competition. We did not technically qualify for Worlds, but two teams double qualified. We were the second highest Skills score in the state…so we got one of the Worlds invites! woohoo!

So don’t worry, that team isn’t “stealing” anything from anyone.