2 Stacks in Goal Zone

How do robots stack to allow a second stack? Our robot can only stack in the middle of the protected goal, which disallows another stack to be stacked, even though our robot is not that wide.

If you haven’t tried going diagonally, you can probably fit that way. Otherwise try to minimize the width of your base, and get the tray joint as far forward as possible.


How wide does your base need to be?

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We can easily stack 2 stacks with a 27 wide base

29-27 works if you go along the walls

image Related image

look at the red side go up the wall with a stack then do the same on the back wall

Don’t know if this would work for your robot but this is something to try: image


that can probably work. our team actually tried that and it worked.

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how alot of teams are doing it is by riding the walls. you place the red stack first then you put the blue stack down second. the blue stack pushes the red stack inwards a little bit so they both fit.

we have a 26 hole wide chassis and it works very nicely



Yeah that’s a similar way of doing it. You just need a thinner base to fit one in the first spot. But that can work just as well.

well #smallchassisgang


Your. Staker could also be mooved more to the side to allow for some of thoes things to work.

That wouldn’t be symmetric, and would cause issues

My team found that we can drive straight over the goal zone from this angle to place a stack basically against the wall.

Such as what problems? And our robot is to wide ,that is why I said it , because you have to go in at a angle . Is what I thought , also you could narrow robot if that is problem.

27 hole works well, but make sure you don’t have 6 wheels on ur robot. I used to have 6 wheels and it was hard to get two stacks in because the middle wheel would get stuck for a little bit and the whole robot would tilt sometimes.

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