2 stage arm for Passive intake

SO we need an arm that can go into 3 stages. One stage will be when the robot is able to put cubes in the goal zone. Another stage is for when the intake is holding in all of the cubes. The last stage is when the intake is taking in cubes. Can someone please help me do this? People say you need to do it with sprockets but how?

I am confused are you saying you need a 3 stage tray or a really long arm? Are you trying to do a complex tray like goofy?

No. We are building an intake like this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yszqqQVqYGc

In order to score the cubes we need an arm to have 3 stages or 3 degrees of freedom. One where it is able to set down cubes. Another, where it is able to Intake cubes and the last degree to hold cubes while the robot is travelling to the goal zones.

Frankly, I would say that that design is unnecessarily complex. Many other teams have done it with only 1 degree of freedom, including myself (I’m pretty sure its 1 degree of freedon)


wait so we dont need a potentimeter

Because the point of a potentiometer is to limit the motors movements

so v5 motors have built in encoders you can use in place of a potentiometer. unless you’re using cortex, then a potentiometer would be useful.

what I think you’re asking is how do you program your lift to have 3 set positions, right?

Yes exactly. ,…

So it sounds like you need help with the coding for the arm then, is that right? If so what program are you using?

I am using VCS. I also need help with the design itself because I am not quite understanding where to put spacers and all that.

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