2 team strategies

Hello everyone. So our team (5 people) is having a problem deciding weather to start building and focusing on 1 robot then create a second bot later or split into 2 groups and create different designs of robot. Please help us decide which is the better route. Thank you

A five person team can be pretty effective so I would stick to that.


Are you high school or College?


Or ms (or iq based on topic)


don’t you think there would be more productivity with less people? plus everyone wants to do some building, programing and driving.

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We are a high school team

I would personally work as one team right now. Maybe later when your members have more experience split up, but for now while y’all are still learning I would definitely focus your efforts on one bot. Just try to make sure there’s know idol hands, keep people busy, even if it’s with simple stuff, like taking something apart, holding a bolt in place, or little stuff.


Usually, the engineering process goes with considering multiple designs, ultimately choosing one design, and then iterating off that design, or if needed, branching off and considering a new design. That doesn’t necessarily mean that building two different ideas is a bad thing, but you ultimately should be choosing the bot that accomplishes the task of playing the game the best, rather than just choose which of the two robots was better built with the timeframe given, which is probably going to happen if you split into two groups.

At the very least, since it sounds like everyone wants their own idea, I would make sure that you narrow the field down to two designs, and then if you want to split, go put 2 builders on one design and 3 on the other. However, the decision is ultimately your team’s; make sure that everyone is on board with a decision. I’m just speaking to what my team has generally done.

(Also, it might just be personal experience, but 2 programmers on a team is already plenty. I get that all of you might want to program, but from my previous experiences, more minds just cause more chaos within the code.)


Ya but no. It all depends on team dynamics. As far as roles go they tend to fall into place as the season progresses. Keep in mind, 5225A had well over ten members for one robot and went undefeated at 2018 worlds and won tournament champion as well as robot skills champion. 5 people is 100% doable


Thank you guys for your input

Also keep in mind that for the drive team, once you serve on one drive team you can’t serve on another. (Except for up to one person at States/Worlds.)


As somebody who was recently on a team of 9 people, I can comfortably say that 3-5 is the ideal amount for a team. A team of 6 could possibly work under the right circumstances, but generally that’s when you’d want to consider splitting up.


I have recently grown my team a bit, and it’s amazing to have help. That said, I don’t think I ever have more than 3 people on the bot at once. there’s also a minimal conflict of interest in the way I assembled my team, so that’s really nice.

The biggest problem is making sure nobody is bored, because Bad things happen when robotics kids are bored.

At competition, having a large team is insanely helpful. I pull from some of my sister teams who have way too many people who don’t really do anything for keeping me updated on match schedule and stuff like that, but it’d be really nice to have this all on my team rather than relying on other teams.


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