2 V5 motor flywheel prototype showcase!

Here’s a flywheel I made for turning point balls! I’m using bank shot balls in the video because I don’t have official ones, but they are the same size. https://youtu.be/8I9bFgZZH8I
The flywheel itself is covered in foam because the balls cannot compress.

Curious, what made you decide to use sprocket + chain as opposed to gears? Friction? Or is it just more compact?

It was faster to prototype

Could you attach the Flywheel to your robot then try to pick up balls with a bot?

I like how the intake is also powered meaning more motors to use elsewhere unless that was only for prototyping?

how much faster than torque 393 motors are V5 motors? Are they faster with more torque?

Generally speaking, v5 motors have about 2.5x the power of regular motors. At both of their (nominal) 100rpm configurations, v5 has a good bit more stall torque than an EDR motor

wow, do you think V5 will be a must this year?

Ehh, especially early season I think Cortex and V5 will have a good split and will compete relatively equally, just due to the motor limitations. But once people how to figure out how to do everything, I think v5 will become much more advantageous


I’ve mentioned this before. People keep getting really confused about what “2.5x more” means. 2.5x more is 3.5x as much. This is because “more” is above the original, so we’re saying P=Po+2.5Po=3.5Po, with P being V5’s power and Po being 393’s power. Consider this with an equivalent: is 50% more half as much or 1.5 times as much? So the V5 motors have about 3.5x the power of 393s, not 2.5x the power of 393s.

If you don’t believe me, look at the specs. At peak V5 is rated at 2.799 times the power of the 393. At continuous operation V5 is rated at 4.074 times the power of the 393. If we figure somewhere between there is a useful average, we might look at the mean and get V5 is 3.437 times as powerful as the 393. That’s pretty much spot on 3.5 times as powerful, or stated another way 2.5 times more powerful.

I would agree. I think at least by late season all the top teams will be using V5, but early on there won’t be nearly so many V5’s, especially since they’re not regularly available yet.

That’s peak/continuous voltage, which doesn’t necessarily equal output torque. The specs for stall torque are closer between 393s and smart motors

I would really love to see the ball exiting horizontally in front of and close to (cut down on parallax) a grid with a nice resolution and frame rate camera going frame by frame. I’m curious just what the launch speed ends up at due to losses with the flywheel grabbing the ball. I’m also curious to see how strong the magnus effect is with these balls at these speeds. I’d be happy to do some calculations.

Not according to VEX; VEX says those are peak/continuous power. The voltage comparison is different, and voltage comparison really doesn’t give you much of a performance comparison between motors without knowing plenty more.

Edit: Having looked it up, the peak voltage ratio is 12.8/7.2=1.778, which as you can see does not really describe the performance.

I never said it does. I believe I said “power” repeatedly, as did the bit I quoted and replied to.

They are more similar than power, yes. It’s a little hard to compare them because VEX hasn’t said how it’s measured. Now that I’ve read the default configuration is 200 rpm, I expect the spec is at 200 rpm for V5 as compared to 100 rpm for the 393. If that’s the case, both geared internally to 100 rpm for fair comparison, the stall torque ratio is 2.515. So it looks like the V5 is 2.515 times as strong in a stall, but measuring torque is different than measuring power.

I think we’re arguing the same points. Regardless of exact metrics, which we don’t really have at the time, V5 motors are much more powerful than current, with 8 V5 motors being equivalent to ~20-28 old motors, based on how you measure it. Which means that once people are able to surpass the limitations of only having 8 motors, v5 robots will be waaay more powerful

Yup. That’s why we agree on what we expect as the season moves on. Personally, though it wouldn’t be the greatest, I could build a robot that is quite functional (drives, shoots balls, and lifts/flips caps) with 4 V5 motors, so I don’t see the 8 motor limit as being too tough. As you mention, people just have to realize how to work within the given limits.