2 wheel drive vs. 4 wheel drive

This year we started off with a 4 wheel drive base(1 motor on every wheel). Our sister team (9551 A) started off with a 2 wheel drive base. After the first competition we saw that the 2 wheel drive base turned a hole lot faster. So my team decided to change ours to a 2 wheel drive(With 4 motors). Lately we had a problem were the wheels we had power going to we were spinning out when we lift out 4 bar off the ground about 5 inches or so(It was rear wheel drive). We think we solved the problem but I wanted to know what are you guys using and what might be better.

A two wheel drive is going to be a whole lot less stable, yes? I don’t know I’ve never built one before. Do you have some sort of stabilization method?

In terms of motor configurations for drives, I have always found that a 5 motor (one on each wheel with a middle motor and wheel) H-Drive has never done me wrong, high speed strafing and movement and a convenient design to base more intake and management mechanisms off. I have never found that I have higher turning speeds with a two wheel base, though to increase speed I have always found an increased internal gearing works to as fast as I can conceivably drive (depending on the game). A solution to your problem might just be to employ a heaver base if you are having issues with the base moving or becoming unstable.

X-Drives might also be something you can looking into in the future, as they only require 4 motors and are rather powerful, though sometimes the lack of torque can be an annoyance.

@MayorMonty We think we solved our problem by winding our base. The distance between wheels and we think this solved our problem.

@EvolvingJon We actually are using a 5 motor H-Drive.

It should be noted that on our bot only 2 wheels were powered. There were 4, but the front two were simply idlers. The other two were to the sides of the COG, effectively making the wheels not have to move physically as far to turn, granting a way faster turn. In comparison to 9551B’s bot, ours could turn 3 times as fast.