2) When will Easy C 2.0 be supported on 64-Bit VISTA?

Many laptops now run VISTA 64, when do you plan to support the 64-Bit version, since you now provide support 32 Bit VISTA?

easyC has worked on 64-bit vista since we announced Vista support. In we were able to acquire a new Prolific USB-to-Serial driver that should work with Vista 64. But, easyC never had an issue it was a driver issue for the USB-to-Serial adapter if you had a real serial port it’s always worked fine.

It did not work for me using the orange programming cable. Where can I find the new 64-Bit Prolific USB-to-Serial driver that should work with Vista 64?

Do you have installed? If you installed an earlier version of easyC you need to reinstall the prolific driver to make it work.

If that doesn’t work try this: http://www.prolific.com.tw/support/files//IO%20Cable/PL-2303/Drivers%20-%20Generic/Windows/wd_pl2303h-hx-x_64-bit_v2018.zip

I tried to install the new driver but ran into this problem…

Windows was able to successfully install device driver software, but the driver software encountered a problem when it tried to run. The problem code is 39.

Files that help describe the problem:

We just installed Vista 64 - Ultimate and Business for you to double check.
easyC installs correctly and so does the USB driver.

I believe the issue you are running into is you had an earlier version of V2 on your PC and it installed the non-vista driver. Then you installed 2909 and it detected the old driver was installed and didn’t update. So, I recommend un-installing easyC, the prolific driver 100%, reboot and then reinstalling. I didn’t even need to reboot to make the driver work on a clean install.

You don’t have to play with the licensing unless you wipe the drive. Then you need to return it to our servers before cleaning it.

I tried un-installing the USB driver and Easy C 2.0 and then re-installed the driver but I still get the same error message. I have Vista Home Premium Edition, have you tried it on this version yet?

According to Microsoft, the drivers for all of the versions of Vista use the same driver base. Except 32bit vs 64bit.

We have tested the drivers on all of the versions of Windows Vista 32bit. We have tested the drivers for Business and Ultimate for 64bit. We are confident that the drivers work on 64bit home.

I believe the issue you are having is specific to your PC, and you have something wrong with a registry entry for the driver. The programming cable is not intelitek’s hardware and we do not have access to contact the manufacturer. If you need additional assistance I recommend you call Vexlabs, maybe they can help you further.