2-wire extensions for Super Clawbot

I’m a novice teacher of robotics and my team has a Classroom & Comp Mech Kit and a Classroom & Comp Prog Kit. One each.
I saw that the Super Clawbot requires the Classroom & Comp Super Kit; my two kits should have more than necessary to cover what’s in the Super Kit. It also requires 276-1424, so-called “3-Wire L Bundle,” which on the site is currently labeled “3-Wire Extension Cables.” I have 3-wire extensions from the classroom kits. I’m not worried about the LCD screen and wire that are also required.

So here’s the problem: some remotes need 2-wire extensions. I can’t find what kits were supposed to provide me with 2-wire extensions. I don’t have any; how else can I wire our bot?


Hello Mr Davidsson,

The Kits that you have do not include 2-Wire Extension Cables; however, they do include a variety of 3-Wire Extension Cables.

If you must have the 2-Wire Extension Cables, they are available for sale here: https://www.vexrobotics.com/vexedr/products/accessories/electronics/extension-cables.html