"20 Inches"

So I had a team ask a good question today. They said “What if, when our bot is backed up to the fence, it is extends 20 inches away from it, but could they have the bot “shift itself”, have part of it hang over the fence (which another thread proved to be legal), and still be legal?” Basically It would still be 20 inches long but not the same 20 inches that it was in the starting position as. Figure a mechanism that was 10 inches off the front of the bot with a 10 inch frame is now in the back of the bot. Make sense? It stumped me so I figure I’d ask.


As long as all size constraints are met throughout the entire match, this would be legal. There is no restriction on a Robot changing its configuration during the Match, provided it never exceeds the stated size constraints. However, the Robot would need to be inspected in its various configurations to prove that it does not exceed the size constraints.