20 Motor V5 Pushbot

If you used pwm 3wire output to drive motor controllers, you could get some beefy battlebots-level motors+controllers and basically make an autonomous electric go kart.


Vex Robotics Competition:

MarioKart is played on a 1 x 1 mile square field. The goal? Get to the finish line first with your alliance. You can use shells against the opposing alliance. Do not throw shells at other drivers.


The shells are the caps from last year, just painted different colors


Don’t forget the ITZ cone bananas.


I know we did this for our KOP chassis & cortex in frc last year, do you think it’s possible this year using V5?

We used 2 mini cims and a small electronics board to make a testing and prototyping chassis. Before that we stuck a chair to it for fun.

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You may be interested in the motor_victor class.


I can hear the music already


Wouldn’t it be hilarious if there was a video of this robot defending its territory from a household pet or Roomba?

@jpearman, please, please, please…


Please don’t revive old-ish topics for meaningless additions like this.

@DRow Lock?

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Uh 14 days aint oldish

Thats just 2 weeks. Oldish is like 2 months


why does your brain screen look so weird?

That’s V5 Beta Hardware… it shipped in a light grey and white color scheme

Much better than the current ones imo

Who was given the beta hardware?

You had to apply for it and it was used for classroom applications

How much did it cost? And did it include anything other than what we have today?

VEX provided the beta hardware to selected schools and teams at the beginning of 2018, there was no charge, the beta units were/are not competition legal and some of the hardware (eg. batteries) changed for production.

We had lots of extra beta motors, they cannot be sold or used for competition but are good for development and testing. The robot I pictured has a mixture of beta and production parts on it.


I am really curious how to use 2 or 3 motors on one wheel? Sorry I am just a new guy in this competition

Gears and sprockets: Open Source Robot

holy crap that looks amazing, seeing so many v5 motor stacked together makes it seems so… like STRONG and it is!

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