20 Point Zone Bar supposed to be so loose?

The kids assembled their field today and I noticed that the metal inserts that mount the 20 Point Zone Bar seem to leave the bar very loose against the field. Has anyone else noticed the slop? I think I could move each end of the bar maybe half an inch or so. Is that supposed to be that way?

I did notice the slop, but it only happened on one side of our field-- the other side fits quite tightly. Maybe the field perimeter isn’t exactly square?

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I wonder if it might have something to do with the thickness of the foam floor pads and/or use of the rubber feet on the metal field perimeter.

That could be true as well, I’m not sure how many feet we have set up (if we have any at all).

I’ll take a look at the tight-fitting side tomorrow and see if I can figure out what’s different about it.

Thank you. What you find might help solve the mystery.

So I went and looked at the corner that is tight-fitting:

Of the two perimeter sections that make up that corner, only one has a rubber foot. Adding a rubber foot to the other section caused the bar to become a lot more loose. Removing that same foot again did not make the bar any tighter, until I pushed the corner back towards the corner of the room it is situated in.

On the other side of the field, I found we also only had one rubber foot per the two sections in the corner, and no manner of moving or removing it made the bar any tighter, nor did any adjustment of the corner sections themselves. Adding feet to both sections appeared to make it even looser than it already was.

My guess is that there is some perfect combination of rubber feet and squareness of the field perimeter that factor into the tighness of the fit.

I just checked ours and both sides have about 1/8 inch of movement toward or away from the corner. I am also getting about 1/2 inch movement end to end with the pipe. We have feet on our perimeter and are using official tiles. I also made sure the field is square on those corners.

Ok, thanks. Hopefully this slop won’t be a problem. I think some kids were hoping to use the pipe to help “square up” their autonomous, but I guess to do that, they will need to make sure they press it back all the way to remove the slop.