2005 Default Code

When will the 2005 default code with camera code be available?

The 2005 Default Code with camera code is now available.

Will the new code for 2005 run on the 2004 controller? that is can we load the 2005 code into the 2004 robot and test out code for this year?
( this is assuming that all except the drive components are Unplugged on the robot.)

Yes, the new 2005 code should run on the 2004 controller. Begin testing.

I understand that the new 2005 Master Code needs to be downloaded into the RC before the competition so the communications will work during the match. I was wondering however, if using the old compiler version (2.2?) will have any effect. I have not tried using the newer compiler (2.4) and if possible would like to continue to use the old compiler since it hasn’t given us any problems yet (compared to when we tried using the newer complier last week and it didn’t compile the default code).

You do not need a compiler for the Master Code. The Master Code is a .bin file that just needs to be downloaded into the RC unit. You compile your user or default code. There are 2 version of default code for 2005 on our web site. One has no camera code, version 2.2, and it can be compiled by the C18 version 2.2 compiler that came on the CD in your kit. The default code with the camera code is version 2.4 and it can only be compiled with the new C18 version 2.4 compiler from Microchip.

Is the 2004 Default Code Reference Guide valid for the '05 season? I don’t see a 2005 one.

Yes. The basic default code did not change, although there are new sections in the default code like Breaker stuff. The Reference will not be updated and is just to help get you going.