2007 FRC Game Rack 'n' Roll Discussion

Well, as some of you may know, FRC kicked off saturday the sixth and announced this year’s game Rack ‘n’ Roll. i found this game to be much more techniccally challenging than last years. also the KOP seems to have been upgraded :smiley:

although i can’t tell what my complete ideas are (trying to be secret) i can say that my team is thinking of an elevator as a lift system.

more info at FIRST and Chief Delphi

I definitly think this year will be easier. We found it hard to shoot the balls or move them around. Then again it might have been because we had no money. Our robot was worth $60. But we have money this year.:slight_smile:

this year is going to be much more complex with alot of stratagies.
there are going to also have to be some good drivers to hang a ringer on the oppisite side of the rack!!

lets see how long it takes for someone to build a vex bot for this game!!



The one thing I don’t like about the game is that even if you put a ringer over another one. That one on the outside doesn’t count.

Is that yours mister_t?

yes thats mine, i think its good to have first come first serve on the pegs so its not like tripple play and you just go stack another one on top.

First come first serve is ok. It will definitly require a lot more co-op between the allaince members though. I wonder whether anyone will use the vacum pump and suction cup?

i think thats stupid…
the outside one should count!!
it would make it even more strategic rather than just a race to get your ringers on first…


oooo edit: so mister T… wheres your mini rack!!!

i saw a video on chief delphi of a team using a vacum pump to pick up a tube it worked awsome.

the only problem with that would be how are u going to be able to pick the tubes up


what language r they speaking it sounds like hebrew but i can’t tell

wow that really did work well. i was thinking of something like the tall blue robot in the animation, some thing that picks it up from the side.

do u think that it will let go after u cut the power?

It really all depends on how you build your robot.

Kind of like Team 957’s 2005 Bot?

the blue tall robot isnt really possible, the animation is just to show cool ideas.

and i think the robots this year we could use similar robot lift systems as 2005. the only difference is that the weight from the tetra would be used as the weight from the mechanics to pick up the tube.

i think none of the bots in the animation are suposed to give ideas, try thinking of your own ideas

i agree with mister_t

Someone said they thought that the arms would be similar to 2005 arms. I’d have to say I’d agree with them since we are using the same design since it has already proven itself.

yeah. our team was thinking of doing something like the elevator team 1089 helped us make when the mentored us at the 2005 brunswick eruption.