2007 FRC Game Rack 'n' Roll Discussion

i wish i could go to the team 40 mini frc but NH is a little far for me. is anyone going?

sadly no, but i think my team is getting along alot faster this year from last. i have made a complete autodesk assembly of the frame we are going to use, it will be made out of 80/20, an extruded aluminum that is extremely strong.

go to selectric.org to see a mostly 1/3 scale version of 1726’s supposed robot (missing ramp & claw, and the arm is waaay too heavy and not quite right)

lol we’re using kitbot for the second year in a row

The kit bot isn’t that bad. We found that useing the metal but not necessary in the way it was meant to be put together works great. Say a triangle instead of a square…

Anyone else welding their robot?

triange? are you doing a kiwi drive?
we are using the kitbot in the way it goes together but making it a 6 wheel drive.

I honestly don’t know what a kiwi drive is but I’m not going to say anything about our drive train sorry…

corpralchee, do you know what an omni-directional robot is? a kiwi drive is the same thing, ie it can move in all direntions, but i has three sides instead of four.

ill say that we are doing an all wheel direct drive using 4 motors and 4 transmissions (this year’s of course)

Yeah mister_t explained it to me. I’d seen the drive design before but never heard it called a kiwi drive. The kiwi drive looks interesting but I wouldn’t trust it. You’d be pushed around too easily.

yeah, same as any omni drive robot. but i think with my teams current design, if we wanted, we could put in mecanum wheels :):slight_smile:

you know you can buy an adaptor to use 2 cims witht he banebots gearbox, it cost 1/2 as much as aditional gearboxes.

Kiwi drive: http://stuweb.ee.mtu.edu/~alkrajew/FIRST/kiwi.mpg :smiley:

it probably is cheaper, but our team didnt wanto do chain drive so we went with 4 wheel direct, which we finally got the parts in so we should have a running chassis by saturday:)

Out of curiosity is anyone else welding their robot frame or anything on their robot?

i think we might do a bit of welding in some key spot, but nothing major.