2008 FRC game hint #2

As some of you may know, the FRC kickoff is fast approaching. I know that some of you guys and girls are also involved in FRC as you are with FTC. Here is the hint for the FRC competition that was sent to us from FIRST. I would appreciate it if you folks pitched in your ideas and thoughts about the competition. Here is the hint:

Here are some things that could help you figure out this clue.

  1. The number combos point at intereseting places in the world. (longitude and latitude) Check google Earth.
  2. All three numbers are temperature related. (Celsius, Kelvin, and Farenheit)
  3. The numbers have indications to be sensor related. (this is tied in with the Google Earth idea)
  4. MIT is related to these coordinate points. MIT also makes a lot of autonomous robots.

I hope these ideas help. Use your imaginations and ideas to crack this code.



my personal opinion, if you wanna join in on the crazy guessing go to cheif delphi they got almost 500 posts on that thread
my other opinion its so close to kickoff dont worry about it!

Most of the people on the Chief Delphi thread are different than the members on this thread. I would like to hear the input from both sides on this topic.

Good point, but I am still looking for some last minute thoughts.

Basicxman are you going to patricipate in FRC?

last year i helped st. martins team with their pneumatics but my dad will be travelling this year so i cannot help him mentor them again, i might see about helping my brothers schools team, although im only in gr. 8

How many game hints does FRC normally have? I only know of one game hint for FTC before this season, and while the team I’m on didn’t know the entire challenge, we were able to disern certain possibilites that ended up being accurate. This seems like a more complicated clue

The competition standards and level of knowledge is slightly higher in the FRC competition, therefore they made the clue more copmlicated than the FTC competition.


Bottom Line is that the clues in both competitions are entertaining but are otherwise 99.9% useless, I doubt any team in either FTC or FRC is ever willing to invest non-trivially in acting on what they think the hint(s) mean.

2008 will be my 9th season as an FRC participant.
I think my greatest talent in FIRST is my ability to completely ignore game-hints.

I have no idea what the circuit board is for.
I have no idea what those numbers mean.

I had a very happy & productive holiday break.
Hope you all had the same. :wink: