2008 Inventor's Guide Image Inversion

I think I found a bug: pages 19-22 (real pages, not the printed page numbers on each page [2.12 - 2.15 for those]) have annotations on an image: but the image is blank.

OS: Linux 2.6.24-19 SMP
Viewer: Evince Document Viewer 2.22.2 (uses poppler 0.6.4 (cairo))


I think there may be problems with the images in the pdf. I see images there, but they appear as negatives (black=white, white=black). In fact, the vast majority of the images in the pdf appear this way on my viewer.

OS: Mac OS X 10.5.4 (9E17)
Viewer: Preview v4.1 (469.2.1)


  • Dean

Adobe Reader Win32 ver 8.1.2 looks fine:

I’ve recreated the problems on my machine (using the complete all-in-one PDF). The individual section PDFs seem to be fine.

We’re working on it, and will update this thread when the fixed all-in-one version is ready.

This file was created in Adobe Acrobat with a higher rate of compression so it would be a smaller “web” file. Though the file looks fine on some computers, it appears to provide problems on others. We have replaced this smaller “web” file with a larger file without the weird compression; this seems to solve the problem.


Edit: Well, it at least fixed the problem on Brandon’s computer. It appears Macs & Windows machines should be fine; we will continue investigating issues with Linux.

I’m afraid that I still don’t see the underlying image, just the annotations. This occurs in both the full and just the sectional pdfs, and it occurs in the uncompressed full pdf as well.

In case this is a problem on my end: does anyone else running a similar setup (OS & viewer) have this problem too?

Do the section PDFs work for you? Is this a universal problem, or is it just associated with the “combined” file?

The section pdf has the same problem: so it’s universal.

I can confirm that the new pdf looks fine on my Mac.
Thanks for the quick fix!

  • Dean

Update on my end: I tested viewing it with xpdf (instead of evince), and it appears as it should. This may be more of an issue with evince than with your pdf. This was the first time I’ve seen this issue.