2009 Houston VEX

The 2009 Houston VEX competition is this Saturday, December 5 at Pearland High School. Thanks to Andrew Lynch and team 2587 for hosting the event. With close to 40 teams there, including last years winners (2587a) and the Robonauts (118), it should be a great event.

The event has it’s own website here. I’m sure that the results will be posted there.

It been 39 weeks since our team has been on the competition floor, and we are really anxious to get started in this year’s Clean Sweep competition.

Good luck to all the teams, and hope to see you there.

Not to mention the bright yellow team that won both Texas tournaments last year…:wink:

118? Always great to see more FRC teams. :slight_smile:

There will be a total of 9 FRC teams at the Houston VEX contest. Pretty cool. :slight_smile:

I am going to try and set up a web cam for broadcast. I have never done this before. If there are any suggestions, please let me know. I would like for it to work well for all to see.

If we can get it set up Friday, I will post the site that it will be on, that night in this thread.

www.ustream.tv seems good for web casting.

There is this foreign white substance falling from the sky. We from the deep south don’t recognize this. It has caused the city to almost shut down, including cancelling our contest. Can anyone help us out by letting us know what this is, and what to do about it???


You canceled a tournament TOMORROW because of unidentified white stuff TODAY? Not only do you all talk funny, but you panic pretty quick, dontcha?

I think your team is cursed. Will you ever get to play in a tournament again?

(Full disclosure, the organizers of our local FTC tournament last year delayed the start by two hours because four inches of snow fell overnight.)

(Did you know that the city of Seattle historically only gets 3" more snow per year than Houston?)

It’s not even sticking to the ground in that picture… that doesn’t even count.

Is their a link to view the 2nd annual Vex Pan Pacific Championships because my friend at the competition said they are webcasting it? So does any one know the link or can help me

School district administrators canceled all school activities on the weekend which led to the decision to cancel the event.

The event organizers were not scared of snow, ice or a little sunshine. But we can’t have an event without any teams ! I feel like the swine flu nonsense is turning into snow flu in Houston !

I am beginning to think that there may be a divine power that doesn’t want us to play anymore.

Maybe we should keep our dragons locked up and away from the public. :rolleyes:

I think that stuff is dihydrogen oxide - It’s pretty dangerous once it converts to its liquid state. Ingesting too much will kill you and in large quantities it can suffocate you. :wink:

When it occurs here near DC we park all of our cars in ditches or in other cars’ trunks and huddle inside until it’s all gone.


After the snow debacle in Houston, We held the 2nd Annual Houston VEX Robotics Competition at the Galena Park Ag. Facility.
on December 12th,

We had returning veterans 301, 441, 1088, 1480
Award winning teams, 994, 1429, 2587
New FRC VEX teams, 118 , 647
2nd Event (Clean Sweep) teams, 8748, 2587

Here are the results - http://houston.vexevents.org/node/27

Congrats to 118, 8748, 1088 as tournament champions

Congrats to 2587d DiscoBots (Delta Force) for winning the excellence award

Pictures & Video will be posted soon

Thank you to the Ruthven family for recording the Houston VEX matches.

Semi 1-1 was one of the most intense elimination matches at Houston.

Semi 1-1 had 2587d & 1429c vs 2587z & 1429b

Actually it was #1 seed 2587d & 1429b vs. #5 seed 1429c & 2587z.

Both matches were close and fun to watch.

btw, whoever was doing the announcing needs to calm down a little.

But the big question – are any of your robots named *Slagathor *this year?

Pfft, the announcer at the Peachtree FRC Regional goes CRAZY and people love him because of that.

His name is Sir Charles. :stuck_out_tongue: and good games are there because of good announcers. :smiley:

There’s a Slagathora.

As in the Sir Charles that was on Curie at 09 FRC Worlds? He was a crazy fellow.

I’m still a Mark Leon fan though. There’s nothing better than building the robots, doin’ the math, and saving the world (!!!).

Speaking of annoucers, how do people feel about the annoucers coaching from the microphone during the game? Does Sir Charles do that?

I remember being peeved at “Hanging Around” (FVC 2007?) announcers saying things like “Looks like no ones going after the big ball”,
and then all the drivers headed for the big ball.

This is a huge difference between typical robotics matches and televised sports, where play-by-play and color commentators are not heard normally heard by the players.

I wouldn’t think that’s “coaching.” More like stating the obvious. If you call, “Team 1261E is going for the dump” coaching, then yeah, a lot of coaching goes on almost all of the events.

And Sir Charles is just a freak (In a good way :P). My teammates and I find him to be great because he really gets excited over little things. He’s a local DJ so he’s got a radio voice that he really puts to entertainment use more than advising teams on the field what to do.

Actually 1429c is named Slagathor II

Correct, that’s our all girl team - 1429. They used the same arm design that we had last year. The concept works, by the design needs some work. We will have it ready for the Lovejoy Extreme contest in March. 148 should be there, so we will definately have to bring our ‘a’ game.