2009 New Zealand Champions

We won the 2009 New Zealand Championships!!!:smiley:
And the Champion Programming Skills prize!:slight_smile:

Final Game:
Champion Alliance 52 points
Runner Up: 26 points

Programming Skills Challenge:
Champion: 15 points
Runner Up: 14 points

I saw some of the streaming video this evening (Pacific Time). Is your team associated with 2928? There were two belt-lifting robots that had unique 4-bar-link lifters instead of a pivoting arm, and, if I remember correctly, they were teams 2921 and 2928. Did I get that right?

Anyway, congratulations! It looked like a good eliminations round. How many robots were there? Is this one of several New Zealand events?

Look forward to seeing you in Dallas. Here’s what we are bringing:https://vexforum.com/gallery/showimage.php?i=2896.

I expect the official results will be available here in the next few days: http://robotevents.com/event.php?eid=1476

You guys did so well! You fully deserved the win (:
Hope to be travelling to Dallas with you guys!

Melody (SymbiOHSis)

No, the behemoth (team 2928 Mt Albert Grammar School) inspired our design but we tried to make a few improvements. One of the major changes is that our design is about three times stronger (and slower!) and that we can use the autoloaders.

Yeah they were pretty strong too, although as far as sportsmanship is concerned, I’m glad you won.

You guys had by far the better programming too. But yeah

There were 31 teams from 18 schools (including our homeschooled team).

This year there was only one regional but I believe they want to have two or three? next year.

I just noticed that your event was run as a 3-day tournament. Wow. With 31 teams, how many qualifying rounds did you play? We ran a 26-team event that started late (border crossing issues for the Canadian teams), and ran for about nine yours. We did six qualifying matches per robot, plus a full 3-team-alliance, 24-team elimination schedule, plus both Programming and Robot Skills challenges. I am SO jealous that you had three days!

Did Jason Morrella seem to have fun? :slight_smile:

We had 8 qualifying matches per team.

• Thursday 19 March – VIP Cocktail Reception to be held to
showcase the arena and robots prior to the competition
5.30pm Guests Arrive
Live Music – Debbie Harwood
Drinks and Canapés
6.00pm VC to welcome everyone to Massey University
6.05pm Greg Smale – Chair of FIRST NZ Robotics Trust to
6.15pm Mike Abbot from Variety, the Childrens Charity to
.20pm Jason Morrella VEX USA to speak
6.30pm Demonstrations to start
7.30pm Finish

• Friday 20 March - Competition begins, a day full of
qualifying scrimmage matches.
9.00am Teams arrive and set up
Playing Fields Open for Practice
9.30am Official welcome speeches with MC
Jason Morrella on behalf of VEX USA
Prof Don Cleland - FIRST NZ Robotics Trust
Sarah Asquith – Onehunga High
Prof Ian Maddox – Massey University
10.00am Final Checks and Coaches meeting
10.30am Seeding Matches
12.30pm Break
1.00pm Seeding Matches continue
3.30pm Finish

• Saturday 21 March – Competition final matches and prize
9.00am Teams arrive and set up
Playing Fields Open for Practice
9.15am Coaches meeting
9.30am Seeding Matches
12.00pm Alliance Selection Process
12.30pm Elimination Matches
3.00pm Competition Finishes
3.30pm Awards ceremony led by MC
Jason Morrella – VEX USA
Mike Hearn FIRST NZ Robotics Trust
4.30pm Finish

Jason took lots of photos and videos during yesterday and today and showed a short slideshow of some of them near the end.

I think some of the official photos and videos will be posted a www.me.ac.nz (Massey Engineering) in a few days.

Actually, I just found somewhere else that there were 27 schools:confused:

there were 31 teams, and I think most schools had two teams (and MAGS who had 3)

I was out all day and didn’t get a chance to watch :(.

Sounds like you guys had a great time at a very relaxed competition (3 days?!?!?). Was anything documented? :slight_smile:

We don’t have any videos but I have posted some of the photos on the gallery.:slight_smile:

Relaxed? Noooo, it was pretty nerve wracking to be honest - had dreams about robots and alliances and bonus cubes!

Documented how?

Yea it was a bit hectic until we closed off the pit to all but a few certain people. I would have like to play a lot more matches though (we had the same alliance 3 times) which was kind of weird.

Hope to see you all in Dallas (we qualify as we won the excellence award)

Just filling in a missing bit, from 1 pm to 4 pm on Thursday was pit setup and practice.

A well deserved win.
My team 2914 was one of your opponents in the semi’s but at least we took some comfort in that we lost to the finalist winners.

Hey Congrats!
I think Vex World Championship will be a wonderfull experience!
wish u luck! \o
may the force be with you ^^

Well that was a fun competition. Good job on winning homeschool, you had a killer auto. Did you know Behemoth actualy had line sensors as well (they were hidden nicely) but we couldn’t get a auto for them set up in time because we spent all thursday fixing auto for maurice and eve. Also, we got kinda screwed in the quarters and that we couldn’t use the Autoloaders cause we made the arm able to go so low it just made it extreamly hard to get out of autoloaders . We had me driving eve (which was MAGS c) and behemoth (b) against Maurice (a). By the way, will there be anymore elevation comps? Or break untill new game is released? Hope we get to vrs you again, have fun at Dallas!!

Look at this picture http://i576.photobucket.com/albums/ss201/VEX-Unr3al/3373738782_abcfd8c6cf.jpg

There’s homeschool on the far left (gogogo coach!) Avondale to the right then the Two Mount Albert Grammer Teams. I’m on the left of the two (=.= look so bad… look at that dork) then there’s the other driver panicing hardcore on the right.

From what I’ve heard, there will be one competition each month, but it won’t be elevation - the host school will design a game and they will judge/score it rather than participate. I dunno how finalised that is though.

You guys did so well at the competition - tough competition!

O_o that sounds fun! But if they release a new game that should be quite fun also.