200A Early Season Reveal

Though we are still more than a month away from our first competition, we wanted to showcase the current state of our robot. We will be uploading a proper reveal once the robot is significantly more refined.

Great robot!

Love the dumper/ catapult hybrid design!

can it hang?

That is a very interesting design. I think the hybrid bots are gonna go far this year.

Pneumatic dumpapult? Nice.

I like how you were giving the bike pump a hard time LOL.

Seriously though, great robot! Which reminds me: I still need to dig out that single pneumatics kit that my school has buried among the FRC stuff.

If you don’t mind elaborating, is that a dumper with pneumatic assist at the top? I think that’s what I saw but I wanted to be sure :slight_smile:

@r_anieyrudh it can’t hang as of now but that is what we will be working on next.

@Bobtheblob - 5327B we have two settings for dumping the stars/cubes: one simply releases the air in the pistons and uses the movement of the arm/robot and rubber bands on the dumper to let whatever we’re carrying fall, and the other setting uses everything mentioned above while also shooting the pistons. Having these two settings allows us to control where the stars and cubes are placed on the field.