200A Worlds Reveal

Here is 200A’s full reveal for Worlds, where we are proud to represent the Science division. If you have any questions about the robot, please free feel to ask.

Here’s footage of some driving practice as well:

Amazing robot, can’t wait to see how well you do at worlds. I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot of robots with this design in the coming week.

Great video, robot looks great. Good luck at worlds!

Can it shoot full court and at what rpm?

@frogs2345 it accurately shoots at 1.5 bps full court, but we can speed it up to about 4 bps at the expense of accuracy (roughly 95% compared to 75%). Both of these spin at 2950 rpm. I also posted a second video of it in this thread where you can see it shooting full field.

Oh ok. Thanks! Now I’m realizing after all these reveals, what the secret to 6+bps is: 4in wheels. I built a robot similar to all of them, but using a custom 5in wheel designed for super low losses at high speeds. You guys will get to see it probably monday or tuesday.

@frogs2345 I’ll definitely be interested in seeing that

How do you stop your intake at the top without letting the balls touch the flywheel?

@Blubster We have a two stage intake, so the balls are stopped by a roller that we have right before the flywheel which then spins with the outer intake once the desired rpm is met

Watch out fam, you don’t wanna hit the dome with them high shots at World if you make it through division finals :wink:

Great reveal and good luck at Worlds!

@3921 Haha! Good luck to you guys too

is this like the 200A team

You just have to have two rollers. You could do manually like they do, or you could have two rollers with a line follower and enough space at the bottom for three and one at the top. The one at the top is stopped by the second roller when it is sensed by a line follower. Most of the robots at my school use the line followers because they use infrared and are easy to mount and tune values for.

@PlanetPluto no our drive does not burn out, and yes it is direct driven

@PlanetPluto what do you mean by a booster?

@PlanetPluto we have a roller right before the flywheel if that’s what you mean. However, it also works in conjunction with the rest of our intake.