200x Turning Point Reveal

200x turning point first reveal! More will come in the future

Nice robot! I like that it seems to do flags and post pretty well for using V5.

Really nice robot!!!
Looks really clean and I like the simplicity as well. But, in my opinion, your battery wire is a bit too exposed. You should be protecting the battery wire a bit more, because if that breaks or if someone steals it you’re done.

I like the robot! How is your firing rate on the flywheel? I don’t think I saw two consecutive balls shot.

Yeah we are currently working on that. Since we only have two rollers till the flywheel, its harder to intake two balls, but with more practice Im getting better at doing it.

Yeah in our first match our battery fell out for a match and we tied due to it. But we have definitely secured the battery since then.

Thank you!