2010-2011 Round Up -what do you think?

its been released!
what do you think?
dont think my team will sleep a wink tonight :wink:

I think your team should sleep. There’s a long 12 months ahead.

I also think that the GDC has done another fantastic job. They’ve brought teams something that is comforting all while keeping things fresh. It’ll be interesting to see how the rookie teams handle this game though.

The ring & pole method is interesting because it seems to me that most teams can do that quite easily. It’ll be the beast team that score all of their tubes quickly, and efficiently.

The hanging method of the game is intriguing as well. They took away “standard” hanging. You are no longer under the bar, but instead you have to really reach for the bar.

My belief is a strong robot will be able to:

  • Hold 4-6 rings a time.
  • Push around defensive robots.
  • Play Good Defense
  • Hang quickly, and get the 20 points nearly every time.

I noticed that unlike the last two years, the game objects (tubes) WILL be returned to the fields if thrown off. This seemed interesting, but given the setup I understand why the rule was needed.

I am also curious as to how easily the rings come of once on the posts, as I could see de-scoring become a large stategy here.

My first thoughts are that this is a brilliant game design.

The hanging ladder is simple yet devious with enough points to justify the effort to implement it well. It will cause even veteran teams pause…

Also, there is ample room for defense. A simple squarebot can cause a potential high-scoring robot a lot of grief (both in torrid scoring and in hanging). Add to this the mobility of the weighted goals…

Finally, in my opinion, this game will generate some awesome autonomous routines (both offense and defense).

I look forward to the next season.



i personally really like the game…

just a few things i saw…

first, coaching is going to be close to impossible, since the game can change in the last 10 seconds… ranking points will be mostly chance, i am thinking…

second, the hanging is really cool!! it’s non-standard, and you have to pull up at an angle…

third, where do we get the parts for that hover-bot? :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

fourth, did we get any new sensors? because i really want a two-axis sensor… like a mouse ball… it has a ball, with an x-axis rolling sensor, and a y-axis sensor… is there any talk of getting one of these? any talk about more accurate quads?

finally, i think they have created a great game again… they have made high scoring, which means it is really competitive… i am just really wondering how the ranking points will play out…

Round up reminds me of my lonely childhood, spent throwing rings at my cat. That little brat was a ringworm, doing nothing but wobbling back and forth. Fmlihatemylife.

Love it, love it love it! For the first time in a while, there’s an incentive to make small, light robots, as opposed to the heavy honkers of the past few years. Center of gravity/balance issues will be interesting.

No Wall! Face to face robots! Defense is now more than waving a basket in the air!! I love the climbers!!!

(No metal to buy for this year, but I sense a huge purchase in gears, clutches and replacing burned out motors :frowning: )

I think that each year, small robots have their own league. In clean sweep, small robots that could efficiently launch balls over were deadlier than scoopers in some cases. While in elevation, the robots that could zip around and keep possession of goals were extremely helpful.

I was thinking FIRST Rack n’ Roll which also involved placing large inner-tubes, but instead of placing them on vertical rack - they were horizontal. Then I though FIRST Breakaway in the sense of climbing, but it might be easier to climb with a slanted tower instead of just a vertical pull-up bar. This game also reminds me of elevation… but… idk my thoughts are random and incomplete :stuck_out_tongue:

… what happens when your bot stops at the end of the match, wouldn’t it lost power to whatever is holding it in place? hmm… VEX grappling gun? It really looks like they are encouraging buying those new motors so it would make climbing a lot easier (and without worrying about stripping out motors, though I would congratulate you if you did strip out a HS motor :P).

I agree with both statements, PTD fell victim to this in Clean Sweep. Clean Sweep was a fine game that encouraged us to build robots that can be or are multipurpose, however certain qualities were lost like accuracy, size, drive-train power, weigh, etc. I like smaller robots that are fast and aesthetically pleasing, however these kinds of robots were not competitive in the college competition.

My initial thoughts of Round Up which started with the animation, is that smaller robots would be have certain advantages like being able to scale the ladder easier, etc. Larger robots also have an advantage in the fact that collection of opposing tubes, possession of a movable weighted goalpost and general defensive strategies will be effective in this game.

Good luck to everyone,
I’ll see you guys next year at Dallas!


Thank you for the very nice game animation. How long did you work on it?

I think the most interesting thing is that the tubes are returned back to the field once they are thrown out. That was a key strategy this year and in Elevation to playing defense, but I guess we won’t see it this year.

Another thing that interested me was that (if I remember correctly) red’s tubes start closest to the blue starting point and vice versa. I’m sure that will lead to some interesting strategies.

That may be true but you could always store the tubes or dump them in the middle of the field in between the ladder. Tubes will probably be accessible, but that would be depending on a robot’s design. But we will see.

I want to hear everyone’s opinion on the importance of the bonus scoring. Is it really worth it to be high hanging (20 pts) on the ladder ??? Would it make sense to give up a robot’s ability to score tubes to be able to high hang & just play D during the whole 2:00 ???

My thoughts flashed to rack n’ roll, breakway, hangin’ a round, diabolical dynamics (manipulatable goals from 2000? FRC), and that one FRC game with the pull up bar on top of an elevated platform (forgot name)

The ladder has made our team pause for 3 days now, and counting. :confused:

My team and I are quite disappointed in that rule, and the one where you can’t remove goals or tip the ladder. Our first thought was: drop all moveable goals that are opponent-owned over the wall. Our second thought was: build a catapult and launch all of the rings out. Tipping the ladder is just some crazy anti-safety member’s favorite objective…

The key words there are “once they are thrown out” you could always hold on to them. The tubes are pretty big though.

This bot used the hold on to the rings strategy in quad quandary.



How did the robot separate the rings by color??? Does it use a sensor?

Yeah if you read the comments along with the picture there is an explanation of how the team would separate them out.


Holding on to all of the rings would be a valid strategy, but these rings are significantly larger than the rings in Quad Quandary. I’m sure it’s definitely possible, but then again would it be easier to just de-score them at the end?

I personally think this could be a strategy that would work very well, except for the fact that the autonomous bonus is upped to 10 points this year. So far it seems like de-scoring will be a huge part of the game this year, leaving the end score very low, to the point where those 10 points could make or break the game.

It is very early in the season to say this but i am really not seeing a robot that is able to score tubes really well as well as hang on the tower. I feel like a defensive hanger is very possible, if it could hang in auto then come back down and play defense for a while then hang again that would be very desirable.

I hope that there is a team that will prove me wrong and score tons of tubes and then hang.

I am interested to see how/if teams make use of the 12" x 24" lexan sheet.