2010 Houston VEX

The 2010 Houston VEX competition is this Saturday. It will be held at Stafford High School. For more information, the Houston VEX web page is here. The tournament has grown from 16 teams 2 years ago, to 48 teams this year. This is due the huge growth of VEX teams just in the Houston area.

We will be welcoming teams from Dallas and Austin as well.

Thanks to Andrew Lynch and Team 2587 for originating the VEX robotics competition in Houston 2 years ago, and maintaining the web site. I see this event as only getting bigger each year.

Good luck to all the teams competing. This should be a lot of fun!

Results have been posted for Houston VEX

5678 was the dominating claw bot of the day posting 100 pts in skills challenge.

1604, 136, 1429 and 2587 groups had many great matches as they have for years.

We had 51 teams registered, 47 showed up to play and we had a great tournament.


Results :

It looked like a fun event from what i can see!
I do have 1 question, are the pictures posted anywhere else like Flickr or Photobucket because the page they are on takes forever to flip through, the pictures look really good but i have been at it for a while and i haven’t even made a dent in them.


i recognize some of the people that were in my alliance at Dallas!!
glad to see you guys got the excellence!
“we tried our best” last year, but this year, well try our best and WIN! ^^
hope to see you guys at worlds ^^

It was a lot of fun. The elimination matches were close and hard fought. The final’s took 4 matches to decide the winner.

The pictures are from the photographer’s site, and unfortunately, it does take a long time to go through them.

Wow yes it is! 136A! Congratulations to them! And I hope to see both of you (1107 and 136) in Disney!


Actually, it was 136M, but who’s counting…

I made it to Houston for about an hour in the morning, and didn’t see all the robots. I did notice one innovation in tube removal.
The 136 family of teams have a lot of new blood this year, moving up from family 888, where they were well trained. There are currently no plans for 136 to attend Disney as a club. That could change, or possibly some seniors could decide to make their own plans to attend.

Here is some more pictures from a different photographer .


We will have all of these loading much faster on our website in good time.

Hmm, okay, so I guess they had the whole team there in that picture? Because a few of those members I recognized from team 136A… Of course they could have always switched numbers, as well.


I talked to the mentor from Berkner (team 136) this past weekend at the Texas State BEST competition, and he told me that the ‘M’ team consisted of just one person. That student designed, built and drove the robot by himself.

Wow! Very impressive, and kudos to them!


I’m a bit slow getting videos posted on the website but they might
be helpful for scouting for worlds

118 - Robonauts
136 - Berkner
1429 - KAOS (qualified but is going to FRC champs instead)
1604M - Firebots (worlds)
2587 - DiscoBots(worlds)
5678 - Cloud (worlds)

Keep in mind this was in November so most of these robots have changed significantly except for Team Cloud (5678) which continues to dominate with 100+ skills challenge scores.