2010 World Championships announced

Greetings VEX teams,

The 2009-2010 VEX Robotics Competition season is off to an incredible start. VEX teams will have more opportunities and places to play this year then ever before (and more then any other high school level robotics competition in the world) thanks to all of the amazing event partners working so hard to provide great tournaments and experiences for all the teams and students. In fact, in the past week the 150th regional VEX Robotics Competition tournament was confirmed and posted on Robot Events ]RobotEvents.com. It’s a good thing VEX has so many partners hosting so many events this season - we knew the program was going to grow this year, but not this much and not this fast - as of last week the officially registered team count went well over 1300, meaning we’ve already surpassed the total number of teams from last season in the first week of October!

The Clean Sweep season is now off and running, with about 20 VRC tournaments scheduled over the next 4 weeks in various countries and states - including the http://cts.vresp.com/c/?InnovationFirstInc./4daa03acd2/038d9a5c0e/57a58c6120 ]Inaugural VEX All-Star Challenge at Disney World in November. This past weekend, official events were held in Hawaii and California - meaning we have our first qualifiers for the 2010 VEX World Championship and 2010 CREATE Foundation Championship of the Americas! So when and where are the VRC World Championship qualifiers going to play?

We are excited to announce that the http://cts.vresp.com/c/?InnovationFirstInc./4daa03acd2/038d9a5c0e/86e728c870 ]2010 VEX Robotics Competition World Championship will return to Dallas, Texas for the culmination of this season April 22-24, 2010. Building upon the success of the 2nd VEX World Championship last May, the 2010 World Championship for this season will be even bigger and better. The feedback from the teams at the 2009 World Championship was incredibly positive, so we have again secured the Dallas Convention Center and Arena located in downtown Dallas, Texas featuring a 9,816-seat arena and covering more than one million square feet of convention, exhibit and pit space. Great hotel packages have also already been secured with big discounts for teams at multiple hotels around the convention center. More details (such as the qualifying criteria and hotel package information) can be found on the 2010 VEX World Championship http://cts.vresp.com/c/?InnovationFirstInc./4daa03acd2/038d9a5c0e/e0e6048603 ]event page on RobotEvents.com.

To make the World Championship celebration even more accessible to top performing teams, we’ve reserved even more space to ensure that each and every winning/qualified team from any official VEX Robotics local tournament will qualify for the 2010 World Championship. Teams will again have even more opportunities to show off their robots and compete with the return of the very popular Programming Skills and Robot Skills Challenges at the 2010 World Championship.

Remember to visit [Robot Events ]RobotEvents.com to view the full listing of all local events around the world for the 2009-2010 VEX Robotics Competition season.

We can’t wait to see all the amazing robots and great teams at the upcoming competitions and wish you all the best in the upcoming season!

Best Regards,

VEX Robotics Competition](Robot Events ]RobotEvents.com to view the full listing of all local events around the world for the 2009-2010 VEX Robotics Competition season.)

Sounds like a lot of fun again. Can’t wait to qualify and go!

I wonder how many divisions there will be this year?

Dallas was a great place to host World Championships; I’m glad IFI chose to do so again.

I hope one of our teams gets to qualify, but even if we do, I’m not exactly sure if we’ll go, but I’m definitely hopeful!!


Don’t know yet, but it should be more than two.* With VEXnet we aren’t forced to space fields so far apart to avoid radio interference. That’s an answer to a question you hadn’t asked, by the way – Worlds will be all-VEXnet, no crystals, so start raising money for your VEXnet upgrades today.

*At a Top Secret planning meeting we were discussing how many divisions we can support, but there is no official answer yet. Please keep watching the official email during the season. We at IFI are dedicated to having a great world championship event and will do our best to maximize fun and reduce hassles.

Here’s my **World Championship division recipe **!

*]300 freshly qualified VEX teams
*]8 divisions of roughly 40 teams
*]Each Division plays normal elimination brackets
*]1-8 division winners seed by overall standings
*]1-8 division winners play normal elimination bracket
Benefits, more teams get to make the elimination rounds, much more exciting to the spectators& participants than watching qualification matches

Drawbacks, takes significantly longer to do full eliminations, would need 8 or more fields running simultaneously

Any ideas on how to surmount the difficulties? And you forgot, “takes a HUGE number of volunteers.”

I think eight might be too many, first (as Rick Tyler said) because of the volunteers, and second because having 40 team pools really separates the good teams from each other (which brings down alliance quality). Four might be more feasible.

Play each division’s eliminations at the same time, and the inter-divisional eliminations separately. That should take about the same amount of time as last year, where two divisions were being played separately. This time gets reduced even more if there are four divisions instead of eight.