2011 BEST Bugs game

We are 9 days away from this year’s 1st competitions. The game has turned out to be a little harder than first thought. With the constant movement from the Nanos, to the placement of the ramparts in the hard scoring box, this year’s game has presented some very interesting challenges.

The most successful teams will be those that can overcome these challenges and be able to produce big scores with all the multipliers that are available.

I hope to post some images of our design very shortly, as well as the plaques that we plan to give to all the teams at our hub.

Awesome. Videos?

Here are the early design and mock-up of the robot. This is close to what the finished robot will look like, but the roller mechanism will be about 22" across, and the base will be 9 1/2 " off the ground.

Looks good so far!

Looks like your team is aiming only for the easy scoring area.
If not, do you plan to reach over or drive over the obsticles?

A little of both. That’s why the base is 9 1/2" off the ground.

So this is the robot that we will take with us to compete in the Space City competition. It can pick off the flies, pick up food and termites and score in the middle and easy bins. We tried to keep it as simple as possible. We just have not painted it yet. The robot still needs a few tweaks before the competition.
Copy of DSC_4136.jpg
Copy of DSC_2519.jpg
Copy of DSC_2524.jpg

Nice casters. Looks simple from the views shown.
How do you pickup food (tennis balls)? Is there a servo door at the end of the arm chute?
What arm gearing do you use, that is strong enough to pick up 1+ pound termites?

Good luck.