2011 Future Award Clarification

Future Award
The “Future” award will be presented to the “school” or “club” that demonstrates how the efforts of their team(s) are improving their school and/or local community, along with showing a vision of the impact this will have on their future. In advance of the World Championship, teams will submit a one page summary and a letter of support online, in addition to signing up for a presentation and interview time slot at the event with a special panel of judges. The presentation should clearly identify specific contributions that members of the VEX team(s) have made in the school and/or local community.

Team 24 was wondering if clarification could be given on what “a letter of support online” was specifically.

I apologize if this was not posted in the correct category.

Thank you!
Team 24

I believe the requirement from this document is to submit your documents online at this Website.

Sorry but actually what we was wondering was if we could get clarification on what exactly the “letter of support” is/should be, specifically.

Thanks! :slight_smile: