2011 Houston VEX

This year’s competition has grown bigger and better again. There will be 70 teams here this weekend. They will be split into two groups. A middle school/beginner group, and a veteran team group. More information can be found here. There will be four playing fields for the competition, and 2 more for the challenges. Teams from all over Texas will be here competing.

This should be a lot of fun!

I’m excited for Houston VEX ! Texas has grown so much that all the events are currently full. It might be time for Texas to add more events to the calendar. I remember those days when Houston VEX was the first VEX event in Texas in 2008, we had only 16 teams back then.
I hear rumors JVN might be there as well !

I’ll make it more interesting for the people who are not familiar with Texas.

**VETERAN division Top Performing Teams:
5678 - team CLOUD - Almost won Galveston VEX, took top driver skills score

2587 - DiscoBots - the “z” team qualified for Worlds by winning excellence and finalist at Galveston

231 - Pasadena - Won Galveston VEX and looks to continue performing at a high level.

136 - Berkner Robotics - Did well at Dallas Gateway

**STARTER division Top Performing Teams:
3148/2148 - Cyborgs/Gigabots - a greenville district set of teams,

1412 - Austin Middle School - performed well at Galveston and Dallas

3807M - Awty - a new team to VEX but performed well in the semis of Galveston

1604M - FireBots - won excellence at Houston last year looks to continue their success.

Actually it was 136M that won Excellence. 1604M were finalists last year.

I am really interested to see what the 2148 (et al.) and the 3148 (et al.) teams will bring. I’m sure they will be impressive!

Congrats to all the teams who participated in today’s event.

The awards went to:

Starter Division
Robot Skills - 2148B
Programming Skills - 3807M
Tournament Finalist - 2148B, 1604M, 1383
Tournament Champions - 1412E, 2148A, 3148A
Design Award - 1421A
Innovate Award - 5948B
Judges Award - 1412G
Excellence Award - 3807M

Veteran Division
Robot Skills - 5678
Programming Skills - 5678
Tournament Finalist - 1366E, 2584N, 2335
Tournament Champions - 231A, 5678, 1366T
Design Award - 231C
Innovate Award - 3335A
Judges Award - 1366F
Excellence Award - 300

It was pretty hectic running 4 fields, with 2 running at the same time all day long. But queuing kept them coming, and we ran on time all day long.

All awards,rankings,skills results are now posted on the official event links and the website.


Thanks Paul, announcing for 2 divisions playing simultaneously was quite impressive.

Top Robot Skills run of 27 by team Cloud 5678 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-yiLvibc_p8

better late than never.

More photos from Houston VEX merged onto the site.