2011 Online Challenges Now Open for...

Public voting! There are seven challenges, and the public determines most of the entries that are later submitted to a panel of judges to select the winners. You can find them here.

Some tips for voting:

  • Feel free to give your friends’ and teammates’ entries 100%. We expect you to be loyal!

  • Please use good sportsmanship when voting on the other entries. We do not think it is fair to give someone a zero % ranking just because you do not know them. Everyone spent a lot of time and effort on their entries, and you should respect that.

  • Non-constructive, negative comments will be deleted.

That’s it – use good sportsmanship, and vote for others as you would have them vote for you.

And remember, about a third of the finalists are chosen by RECF and the challenge sponsors, so if you have a great entry that just doesn’t get the votes, you might still be a finalist.

Vote today, and tell your friends and family!

Rick Tyler
Director of the Online Challenges

Some great entries there!

A question about voting. We have three team members is the same house.We obviously have separate accounts but if one of us has voted for a website the others seem to be somehow connected as they get the message ‘you have already voted on this entry’
Is there someway around this - we are connecting from different laptops but all on the same house network.

Multiple votes from the same network are not accepted. One vote per account per network (per day?).


we had that issue with the school network also
we we told the other (non-forum) members to sign up and vote when they get home

It is a real pain though to get all your teachers and friends to create an account through the lengthy signup process during their own time. Half the time they forget!

Most all Smart Phones (and some of the less smart Phones) let you do web access… Send your Team and its Supporters, Team Updates, periodically during the day as a reminder to Sign Up, and then Vote…

It’s almost like it’s part of a crafty scheme to get more people in the VEX community to use the forum, isn’t it?

Signing up on the forums is not what concerns me. The challenge I have is for myself and my 3 boys that I coach. We would all like to vote in the online challenges (from different accounts), but we are restricted to one vote from our home network. We home school, so our home network is also our school network. For all 4 of us to get to vote 3 of us will have to find computers to use at other locations. This is certainly not very convenient when you have multiple people involved from the same household.


why YES it is :wink:
many of the members in our area know that the vex forum exists, but they just lurk around here and there, not really participating
hopefully, by creating an account, they will be more active :slight_smile:

see if you can go to a local library and use their computers there
or if you have a laptop, you can go to a nearby cafe and use their wifi hotspot to vote

can we get our whole class to go home, register, and vote?
or would that seem suspicious having that many new members vote