2011 Pan Pacific VEX Robotics Championship

Welcome to the 104 teams participating in this year’s event. Attached is the slightly revised pit map and the team list if you wish to print extras for yourself.

Some information which will be included with your match schedules tomorrow is below.


Stay updated:

Live scores are anticipated to be available on VEXscores.com and with
the VEX Via app which can be downloaded free for iPhone and Android.

VEX TEXT is an optional feature that allows teams to be alerted to upcoming
matches by SMS text messages for up to three members per team (age 13+).
For each match a team is in, subscribed members will receive
2 alerts, one 20 minutes prior to the match and one 10 minutes prior.

Orange registration sheets for VEX TEXT were at each teams’ pit
and can be submitted to Pit Administration if interested.

Skills Challenges:

3 attempts per team per challenge (Robot and Programming Skills)

Those with fewer attempts have priority in line

Skills challenges attempts stop once elimination matches begin

Heads-Up matches between the top two teams for each challenge
will happen between semifinal matches as spelled out on Page 4
of Appendices B and C of the VEX Gateway Game Manual

  • The top two teams from each challenge will advance
    to a final heads-up match
  • Each team will perform (1) match, with the 2nd place
    team performing first
  • This will be a final opportunity for teams to beat the
    high score posted in earlier rounds
  • If neither team beats or matches the previous high
    score, the holder of the previous high score will be
    declared the winner of their challenge.
  • If one or both teams beat the previous high score, the
    team with the highest score in the “Heads-Up Match”
    will be declared the winner.
  • In the case of a tie for highest overall score, the tie will
    be broken by looking at the next highest score for
    both teams (and so on if necessary).
  • If the tie cannot be broken, a new match will be played.


Unfortunately, there will be no webcast of the Pan Pacific this year. Perhaps some video will end up on YouTube soon enough.

A special thanks to the Robotics Organizing Committee and the Friends of Hawaii Robotics for helping make this event take place.

Best of luck to all teams participating and mahalo to those of you who came over the ocean to join us.
2011 Pan Pacific Pit Map.pdf (672 KB)
2011 Pan Pacific Team List.pdf (134 KB)

As mentioned before, today’s results are available at VEXscores.com.

Match cycling is a little tighter tomorrow, so be prepared. Hopefully the 115 or so of you who have opted for VEX TEXT are finding it useful.

For tomorrow’s eliminations, the 24 teams which advance to the elimination rounds are going to be expected to stay in the play area where tables will be put out for each alliance.

Lastly, many thanks to the schools who have contributed their fields and/or elements to make the competition possible for all the teams competing - Waialua, `Iolani, Farrington, Wahiawa Middle, Moanalua, Kalani, Stevenson, and Kaiser.

See you all in the morning!

Great job folks! Since awards are not available online, please find them attached. Congratulations to all!
2011 Pan Pacific Awards.pdf (11.2 KB)

Wait were the people who had those big cameras just taping for the big screen or were they actually RECORDING?

If they were recording, then what are they going to do with the footage?

I inquired about recording, but have yet to receive a response. In the meantime, here are some shakier versions mostly of what was shown on the big screen.

Sorry if this is a tad late, but this was (yet again) another well run tournament. Queuing was very prompt (they even had the texting prompts, like last year at the world competition), the staff was very helpful and friendly, and I do not remember any field problems (this means a lot, considering I used to blame the field for a lot of things).

A little shout out to teams: Thank you Iolani! (2438A) for being on the alliance with our A and B team, and for helping us with our problems as well. Thank you Highlands! (394) for helping our B team with stalling motors on their drive. Thank you Cheesy Poofs! (254B) for helping us with our power expander, programming [sorry if I was a bit ignorant when you mentioned a possible problem], and for being, yet again, another amazing contender at this competition- and for helping our D team as well. Thank both you Waialua (359) and 808 (4109)! for also being great contenders, and for helping our C team as well.

Having finally escaped from my several boatloads of makeup homework and leftover tournament fatigue, I came to finally make my Pan Pacific post.

Thank you very much for hosting such a well-organized tournament. It’s really hard to get that many teams to their matches on time, but you guys somehow managed to do it all early! You also created a really fun tournament atmosphere. I also must say that it was quite agreeable to have two-hour breaks between matches. That made it really easy to diagnose some of the problems that our teams had and get them repaired before we had to go back out on the field again. It also made it really easy for me to run around on scouting/negotiating business, which was fun. (And productive!)

I’d like to give special thanks to the technical support crew for your assistance with the Cortex and power expander problems we had on Friday. We’re still not entirely sure what knocked out the Expander, seeing as we were never able to duplicate the problem, but the important thing in the short term was that it didn’t happen again. (We think it may have been something to do with the backup battery; we found that when it’s plugged in and the robot is power cycled the arm tends to revert to its highest position. We left the backup out for the rest of the tournament.) I do apologize for being rude in my initial interactions with you. I was frustrated at the end of a very long, very weird day, and I acted in a manner that did not reflect well on myself or on my teammates. In hindsight I can see how tired and short-tempered I was by the end of the day, and I thank you for having the patience to help me anyways.

Our A team was very happy to win the tournament along with our awesome alliance partners 1973A and B. We were a great alliance, guys. I look forward to seeing you at worlds and finding out all of the cool stuff you’ve been working on in the interim! I’d also like to thank teams 2455 and 1378, our B team’s alliance partners, for a fun ride through to the semifinals. You were really great partners!

Of course, I’m very happy with the results of this tournament, but getting there was one of the most physically and emotionally exhausting experiences I’ve had at a robotics tournament. Friday was just a really weird day, and we had all sorts of misadventures all day long. Our first match featured a disengaged tower motor that crippled our lift; match number two had us accidentally drive over one of our alliance partner’s drive sprockets that had popped out onto the field and blow our drive (sorry, guys!). Perhaps the craziest experience of the day was match number four, when we were informed just before the match that our controller battery setup was illegal as per an August Q&A decision that reversed a previous ruling. We had to run around begging for AAAs to stick in our controller (thanks, 2504!). Then we had match five, with the Cortex-and-Expander shenanigans that set me off… it was just a really strange day, and it ended with us going 2-3. I’m glad I didn’t post on Friday night, because I would’ve been mad.

Saturday was a much happier, if no less nerve-wracking, day. Basically, I spent the entire day running around and trying to set up our A team (B already had a Worlds slot) for a run at the finals. In addition to “selling” our A team to our wonderful eventual alliance partners, I wanted to make sure that we were going to fall into the third round of the alliance selection. In this respect I think we were fortunate for the previous day’s failures, because they allowed us to slip under the radar of most scouts. Still, I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I did some work to those ends myself. I confess to “un-selling” our A robot to a few of the teams in the top eight alliances and instead recommending other partners, even though I was confident in A’s abilities. I didn’t lie to anyone, but I did distort the truth by playing up our Friday failures and belittling our successes, knowing that if we fell to the third round we would be picked by the first seeded alliance. To the teams with whom I did this, please understand that I meant no disrespect to you. If you don’t think that my actions were appropriate, feel free to let me know over PM. I do understand any complaints you may have, but to me, negotiation and alliance forging is an important part of the game and I was just doing what was best for our team.

Thank you again to our wonderful alliance partners, our terrific hosts, our tough opponents and all of the teams who helped us along the way. We hope to see you again at Pan Pacific next year!

wait, you are a girl?
nothing against it, just took me by surprise :slight_smile:

this topic should have a debate thread of its own ^^
congrats on being picked by the first alliance :wink:
and ill see you at worlds!

Emphasis mine. I believe the information at hand is still insufficient. We must find out, for science!

man, do i feel stupid right now :stuck_out_tongue:
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I would just like to say in response to this thread:

that the question was asked only because it is part of the Robot Inspection Checklist: