2011 VEX Robotics Essay Challenge

2011 VEX Robotics Essay Challenge Winners

Essay title, author(s), VRC team number

A Thoroughly VEXing Experience, Amy Shapiro, 1727C

True Meaning to VEX Robotics, Eftiona Golloshi, 2620D

What VEX robotics means to me, Unknown, 211Z

VEX in My Life, WMcNaught, 3053

VEX Robotics Essay Challenge, Tyler Carrara, Bradley Ellmann, Joseph Falvo, and Kyle Persau, 3056

VEX - A Vital and Evoking Xperience, Unknown, 23A

Underlying Meaning of VEX Robotics, Sergio Silva, 1429

VEX Robotics Essay Challenge, Christine Nguyen, 1680C

Team 1138’s VEX Robotics Essay, Unknown, 1138

My Experiences with VEX Robotics, Eric Beckmann, 3129A

Thanks for posting this Rick.

I don’t think it is a fluke that Sergio won this for our team.

He also authored the scripts that just won us the Woodie Flowers, Best Web Site (no love from VEX???), Entrepreneurship Award, and the Chairman’s Award at Lone Star.

I know he was very happy when I announced this in front of our team before Saturday’s competition.