2011D Worlds Reveal | Engineering Division

Brecksville Robotics VEX Team 2011D
Engineering Division ~ Ohio

17 Point Front Autonomous
8 Point Back Autonomous

4 Motor 266.6 RPM Drive Train
2 Motor Double Catapult
1 Motor Ball Rake/Scraper/Cap Flipper
1 Motor 12000 RPM Intake


Just a quick question, how do you guys have a 17 point front auton? From my calculations, toggling the four high flags (the 2 that are closest to your starting position and the 2 middle high flags), toggling the remaining bottom flags (same position as the high ones), flipping/scoring the 2 caps closest to your starting position, and alliance parking only gets you 15 points.

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Im going to guess that it is probably possible in the following way:

  1. First, they grab the ball from beneath the cap and score it (1 point)

  2. Then they use a double shot on the two high flags that are closest to the start tile ( 8 point swing)

  3. After that they hit the bottom flag (2 point swing)

  4. They drive back and scrape the 2 balls off of the cap, then they flip it (2 point swing)

  5. Finally they double shot the middle post (4 points)

Obviously this is including swing and just my guess of their autonomous. You are right in your calculations, but you may not have factored in swing points, which are points that are scored for one alliance but are then descored and scored for the opposing alliance. For instance, if a high flag is toggled for blue and hit by red, then it takes away 2 points from blue and scores 2 points for red, which nets 4 points,


Really good robot! The rake is something that basically no one in Kentucky had this year. Good luck at worlds!


Thanks! I did not know that swing points could be counted for the score of auton.

Really, it’s all arbitrary. Points at the end of the match are all that matter.

However, that’s a really awesome bot! Can’t wait to not face off against it :stuck_out_tongue:


That is one powerful catapult.

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Team 1814D wishes you good luck at worlds, cant wait to see you compete!


You are correct in your assumption, we do include swing points in our calculation, and that is in fact the route we use.

Thank you, to you as well!

Since when is @matt.k on the Forums? Welcome!
Forums>Discord. Just saying.

You already know I like your robot, so there’s little use in repeating it. I hope to see 2011D do well at Worlds!


Great job! :robot:

Good luck to all of the Team!

Greetings from Brazil!

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Unique robot! Wishing you the best of luck at worlds!

-9457Y, Engineering Division


Thank you! We’ll see you there.