2012-2013 Drive Trains

and that’s all it could do haha

Wouldn’t elastic-driven tensioners be a much simpler solution? There’s never a reason that you would want to actuate the piston in the pneumatic tensioner, so you’re essentially using a big heavy steel piston as a gas spring.

And as far as drive trains go, I’ve always, always wanted to see tri-star wheels on a competition robot.

Thats the point :wink:

  • Andrew

who dose not like big heavy pistons? haha

tri-star would be awesome but not to practical and i guess we have to update the hypothetical “next year” list don’t we? (we should really get around to writing it)

The easiest and probably best working solution is to build the chassis very low, moving the sacks around in front of you is much more convenient than climbing over them.

but what if they do get under you?

Don’t build a robot that tips. :stuck_out_tongue:

I personally think that this year mecanum or omni wheels are going to be a must have. Just imagine a efficiency bot moving sideways along the trough, descoring all of it!

You don’t have to have mecanums or an x-drive to strafe.
cryptic hint

H-drive? (10 char)

Crab drive :wink: :smiley:




then it must be something cool… as I wink at Jordan.

Who’s that?

a pivoting manipulator/intake from the base? pm me your idea

Please don’t say a swerve drive.

The sacs are only .75" high, so unless you try to drive over a stack they should be relatively easily climbable with 4" wheels and some run-up.

I think this person meant a holonomic drive.

An X-drive refers to a type of holonomic drive where the wheels are in an X formation and the vector addition allows holonomic motion.

I’m making an X drive because I’ve always wanted to drive one. :slight_smile: I’m probably going to make it pretty high up instead of lower because there is always a chance that something might get accidentally caught under. I think Green Egg’s round up base would be good for a low base since they were nearly touching the ground.

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