2012-2013 Game?

Anyone have any last-minute predictions for the new game?

I am thinking Triangular Prisms.

If not, then balls.

I hope its awesome. I wish there were hints in VEX. But then again sometimes I don’t…

  • Andrew

Yeah, I hope it’s something more challenging like tetrahedrons or what not!

lol. I hope it is REALLY hard this year. I felt like this year was really easy. I don’t know…

You sir, are not alone.

Back in January I spent some time talking to one of the members of the game design committee. We talked about the pros/cons of current and past VEX games as well as FRC games. His parting comment was, “Well, I think you are going to REALLY like the new game.” So, my expectations are pretty high. I guess we’ll see tomorrow night.


Yeah, I liked this year, but it wasn’t challenging enough. There was no robot that was dominant over all of the others, they were basically all of the same! I just hope this next game separates the good robots and the great robots!

Speaking of tomorrow night, would anyone like to chat and talk about the new game? I will (most likely) be watching the game animation a ton, then talking strategy/designs with someone from the Forums.

We could get on the VEX Chatango to do it.


Yeah sure, I’m open to sharing ideas for the new game! Beside I won’t sleep for the next few days just because I’ll constantly thinking about the game! lol

Its annouced Friday night right?

  • Andrew

Yessir it is :smiley:

lol. Same here. I never get sleep before competitions anyway :smiley:
Always thinking…

Just pm me when you want to chat about ideas. I will get on Chatango to talk about it, or my private chat so know one can hear our epic ideas :stuck_out_tongue:

This chat thing might be really interesting. Because the public as a whole can discuss everything. Afterall everyone can build the same robot or close to. But it implimentation and drivers is what it really comes down to.

Ill get on the chat and throw a few words in I like game discussions :smiley:


Where else would you like to discuss this? I am open to suggestions.

The chatango is certainly a very good resource. There is obviously also the forums, but that can take a while for people to have input.

One on one can be done thorugh skype or any instant messaging service.

I kinda want a shooting game from VEX… Or tetras.

But I think Chatango would be cool because then people can share kinda like how we shared our main HOG concept last year 2 days after the game was released.

I’m jsut saying it might be cool to see what happened if a large amount of the community bounced ideas off each other at the beginning through some form of social networking.

  • Andrew

Kind of like the FTC Game HotShot (Here is a match: http://youtu.be/HeM-Te4hE5g)
I was in an FTC team and we played in this competition. It was fun.

I LOVED HOTSHOT! But ever since Hotshot happened FTC has had “antihoarding” rules which I dislike to a point and like to another point.

If VEX were to do a shooting game I want to know what It would be like, because all VEX games are what I call “elevator games” pretty much the same robot can play almost every game. Give or take a few dimensions of game pieces.

  • Andrew

I agree. Claw’s could be used for this years game, but they where not the most effective designs. Last year, they were very effective.

Can’t wait for tomorrow night!

Edit: I feel like you and I are the only ones on the forum right now. That is probably true since most people would be at Worlds…

Hey Im here too! But yah I agree. And its funny cause we all live hundreds of miles apart. :stuck_out_tongue: