2012-2013 Online Challenges?

I missed the announcement at worlds and cannot seem to find it anywhere else… Could someone direct me to the page for this year’s online challenge? It would be greatly appreciated.

here you go.

There will be at least two more challenges – we are working with our sponsors on the details now.

Thank you sir. Exactly what I was looking for.

Hmm… interesting. Wonder what they are.

Hmm… interesting. Wonder what they are.

My guess would be the ones that were there last year but not there now like the CAD challenge and the Future one (where you make a robot to help people)

What I am wondering is if the specifications are the same as last year or are they going to make requirements? like having to use specific objects in the game design animation

Since this thread’s topic is about the new online challenges I thought I would just ask my question here rather then post a whole new thread.

For the Website Challenge:

Do Team Facebook Pages or School “Sponsored” Pages count?
A school page would look like this:
My Team’s “Website” on our school’s website.

Also both of our “Websites” are for all three (569, 569B, and 569C). Does this matter? What would the “protocol” for this be?

I realize that this may not be the area to get an “Official” answer but I can just make another thread if need be.

Thanks in advance!

Websites that are attached to the team’s FIRST team website have won before, so that might be relevant. I don’t know in those cases whether the website was mostly developed by the FIRST team or the VEX team. And I’m pretty sure websites have won that were meant to represent more than one team under the same number.

Edit: I would certainly hope a facebook page wouldn’t count, though. That would be a bit silly.

Yes I would understand if they do not count Facebook Pages haha.

Hopefully they accept our “School” website. Otherwise we will have to stick to the other challenges since we do not have people skilled at making websites in our club and we have other, more important things to worry about then making our club/team a website. We feel like our “websites” we have now are sufficient.

Sure – the requirement is to have a website promoting the STEM activities in which your team(s) engage. I haven’t looked at your pages, but if they meet the requirements of the challenge they should be fine. The requirements do NOT include “separate from your school website.”

Thank you for the input!

I think I am going to ask a question in the Official Answers section and then hold off on submitting our website until we add a couple things to “upgrade” it so to speak.

Ok. After looking at the challenge requirements I have a question: for the Game Design challenge it describes the objects that must be included, however, it does not show an actual image. Is there a picture that jsit didn’t get uploaded or do we just have to go off the description?

Good catch. Those challenges were uploaded Thursday of World Champs and it looks like the images didn’t make it. I’ll get that fixed next week.

Thanks Mr. TYler.

Any update on this?

Our vex team 1508 had a Spring project where they designed and built a Solar robotic composter. It used some Vex parts but needed a 12 volt motor, solar panels, wood and 55 gal barrels. It seemed that the Sustainable Design Robot Construction wouldn’t qualify because of the requirement to use Vex parts.

“… a VEX robot or robotically-controlled machine that achieves one or more sustainability goals. You may construct either a full-size VEX robot or a VEX model of a larger machine”

Are there any Vex or other design challenges which the team could enter that you are aware of?

Hello, I’m wondering if those images have been found yet. :smiley:

Sorry about that. They will be up in the next couple of business days.

Alright, I see it now. Thanks a ton.