2012-2013 VEX Robotics Competition Game - VEX Sack Attack

The 2012-2013 VEX Robotics Competition game, VEX Sack Attack, has been released!

Game info and Manuals: https://vexforum.com/wiki/index.php/Sack_Attack

Game Animation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ugaq01-9h-g

Looks really intresting because there is another 30 in goal. The weirdest game object yet. (sacks) But this is going to be interesting because they have no shape and will morph according to how the robot tends to grab it.

Max score possible is 1070

Reaction: Field Resetters everywhere break down in tears at the thought of 102 objects. At least they’re not little green balls.

On the plus side, all the Field Resetters will get good at Hacky-Sack :slight_smile:

So how many points would you get if you broke a hacky sack and all the tiny bits went all over your starting tile/in a goal? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m so glad I’m neither a field resetter or a match scorer. At least there is (and probably will be more) an app for scoring. Imagine having to count it manually…


FTC has 102 balls on the field this year. Not that bad of a field reset.

  • Andrew

Volunteer score keepers cry at how many things to count

Volunteer field transporters cry at moving a 12’ trough to 14 different events. In a Nissan Cube. /sigh

I hope (and I know Hope is not an Engineering Strategy) that we don’t need to assemble the 102 bags and fill them.

It won’t be as bad as filling the goals for Round Up with sand. I swear there was a black hole inside them; The darn things would never fill up to the top. You would fill it to the neck, shake it a little, and all the sand would settle to the bottom half.

When can teams register for the new year, and when will the new field elements be available on the website?

Registration will be open soon on robotevents.com

Game Object Kit and Goal Kit can be found here:

Thanks Brandon,

Will there be a complete inside field components available to purchase?

My mistake its only 1060 possible points. I wouldve edited my post but i wasnt able to

Yes, there will be.

Look for details soon.

Hi Foster,
I think you’ll find score counting is easier than you think, since you don’t need to keep track of specific goals. We’ve done some testing / simulation, and it doesn’t seem to be a problem.

Field Specs & Assembly info is available here:
https://vexforum.com/wiki/index.php/Sack_Attack in Appendix A.
The trough is very easy to assemble, and breaks down into smaller chunks (which will fit into a Nissan Cube).

The only thing you need to do with the sacks is take the (regulatory) tags off.


Whoa! This is exciting. It creates a whole new world of tasks to overcome. The game pieces will act as both obstacles and as scoring pieces. The robot will have to be able to move quickly to score with as many game pieces as possible, and return to the starting tile before the end of the game. The robot will also have to handle driving over top of the sacks. The sacks themselves pose an interesting dilemma in regards to how to pick up a large number of them at a time. This is going to be one of the best games by far! SACK-ATTACK :smiley:

nonatread anybody?

This could work. Your drive base could act as a push bot, and it also could drive over the game objects.

Good job at Worlds by the way :wink:

that is pretty impressive

I do agree. Of all the things I’ve learned in college so far, I’ve yet to learn how to count.

And a little bit over $2 for a sack is a bit intense. I suppose it covers your costs, but dayum.

Anyone have any ideas how much the large ball weighed back in clean sweep? I can’t help but think of all of those power dumpers that absolutely dominated local events.

  • Sunny G.