2012-2013 World Championships

Sorry, I left early from the world championships this year and missed the finals (because we had a 6 hour drive back home and wanted to get back before midnight). So I was just wondering, where is next year’s world championships going to be? I couldn’t find it anywhere.

Its in Anaheim again. I really liked the venue, though it was really close to home. :slight_smile:

Yay perfect! I really didn’t like Orlando very much. Thanks a lot!

Yay! I love California

Anaheim was a nice venue. Alot of space and many hotels in walking distance. Plus it is only an hour from my home.

anaheim was really nice, alot of room and well organized. am from baltimore and will just be vol next season i will come back to anaheim for the worlds next year. posted by team mentor carl luksic

Lots of people were actually complaining. I’m kind of neutral about this. Although the hotels are close, and the space is nice, I like change. However, I also like not being effected by jet lag, and having California being only 3 hours ahead of Hawaii time, it doesn’t effect me much.

I would say that the Anaheim Convention Center rivaled and even topped the WRC Convention Center in Dallas. It was a great experience and thanks to all who made it happen – VEX, the volunteers, the convention center, the teams, our alliances, and even our opponents.

Thank you all for a great year. See you soon.

While it is always great to visit a new city, as a mentor I am thrilled that it is back in Anaheim, it is only an hour away. My team felt that the hotel set up is the best in Anaheim. Dallas was a great venue too, but it was a good walk to our favorite hotel. Orlando has that kinda magic feel to it, and the Field House was cool but too small for finals. We enjoyed the hotel but lots of time is wasted waiting for the buses at Orlando. We liked having all the pits in the same building like Anaheim n Dallas. My kids said that they would like to go anywhere for Worlds as long as there is a Social after the finals like Northridge and Dallas.

Cooongraaaats to 569. Awesome win in finals, you deserve it big time!!! 2900A and 2W also deserve my applauds.

I enjoyed the venue. Having the nice big pits was a plus too. I just think next year they should do the numbering a little better. I also liked how the backdrop color was based on division. Added flair and made it easy to see who was in your division.

Another thing I liked was the free water. Nice not to have to pay money every time I wanted some.

Actually they offered free water last year if you saw it.

I heard a conversation between two coaches while I was at worlds. One was saying how she was from the East Coast, and how she only had to drive for 2 hours to get to Worlds last year, and Anaheim was quite far away. The other coach said they were from the West Coast and had to fly for 5 hours last year, so it was fair to alternate between the two sides of the country. I kept my mouth shut even though we have to fly for at least 12 hours to get to LAX.

Having Worlds on the West Coast is hugely advantageous for teams from Asian countries and New Zealand, just because we spend less time travelling and save a couple hundred dollars on flights. I guess it’s worse for the new UK and European teams though.

I loved Anaheim and the convention center but next year I hope they just rearrange a little. This year wasn’t bad but I just don’t want the same exact setup. Maybe they can put the High School VEX Competition in the Arena instead of right by the pits, especially since High School is the more popular vex tournament with more teams. Just a thought, otherwise I’m really excited to go back, especially since now we know where everything is.

Anaheim was fun, and while I would’ve preferred a new location, it’ll be fun again next year. Sack Attack’s Worlds better top Gateway’s Worlds though, as long as they’ll be in the same place.

Yup… West Coast will be much better for Asian teams.
It took us 23 hours to get to Orlando last year and this year it was 18.5 hours (not to mention the money saved from domestic flights).

The time difference is slightly better this year too :slight_smile:

Besides the extra 3.5 hours to get to California vs Orlando it just seemed a heck of a lot more expensive in CA. Maybe it’s just poor planning on my part. We did a bit of vacation a few days ahead so that obviously added to the cost, but the per item comparisons seemed more expensive in CA. Food, parking, lodging were all much more expensive for us. I did stay longer in CA than FL too.

Last year in Orlando I was able to get a 2 bedroom time share for $99 a night. In CA - no such luck and no time shares to swap nearby either. We got a nice hotel for $87 a night but then had to pay $12 a night for parking. Which would you prefer - all crammed in one room with 2 queen beds or 1000 square feet time share?

Then parking at the venues is expensive. Parking at convention center if you did not feel like walking and also paying just to go hang out at Downtown Disney at $6/hr. That was all free in FL. Yes there’s some parking validation but it’s not always enough. Shuttle bus was $4 per day option too. The nickels and dimes just kept flying out of my pocket!

Food in the parks is always expensive. However, it just seemed the restaurants around the Anaheim Convention center seemed either old and run down or rather expensive like the Garden Walk. My kids are not big Mexican food fans and there was not a lot of other local inexpensive fast food places besides Carls Jr (which we could have tried). Once again maybe due to poor planning on my part.

So we did eat at the following over our week stay:

  • Oggie’s was good and probably most reasonable sit down place (west on Harbor by the Target). Ate there twice. Got to see the end of the Phils losing Saturday. Sigh.
  • Anaheim walk was a lot of very expensive long wait restaurants. We ended up at McCormick & Schmidts one night. Essentially same price as in the park sit down but far better food.
  • Subway was good for breakfast for low cost. Egg whites, cheese, & hot sauce. yum! Best priced meal we ate.
  • In the convention center, the food seemed awfully expensive for what you got. $8.25 hot dog meal was the best my picky kid could deal with.
  • Naples Pizza in Downtown Disney was not too expensive compared to in the park restaurants like an $18 Monte Cristo or equally expensive Salmon sandwich.

We ate once in Irvine on the way back from the San Diego Zoo. I guess with a little drive you can find less expinsive options.

One good thing is Anaheim did allow was walking to places which we took advatage of a bit (see parking fees above). The lack of humidity is also a big plus.

I grew up in California, and a lot of stuff is very expensive, but it’s California for crying out loud. I personally prefer California over Orlando, even though I haven’t gone to Worlds for the past two years my team has gone. California has more to offer, such as In-N-Out. Also it’s close to my home town, so seeing Anaheim again would be super awesome. But Anaheim is expensive because Disneyland is there. Some cheaper places around there are like Downey, and if you ever wanted to check out Cal Tech, it’s only about 50 minutes away in Pasadena.

If you wanted a home, you should have gone on http://www.vrbo.com/ I think that is where 4886A rented a house. There are many houses right next to the convention center, but you would need to book early.

The food was more expensive in Anaheim than in Orlando but it was much much better. Plus going to Disneyland is a better value than going to just one park at Disneyworld since there are more rides per park. Although… Disneyworld has a greater variety like Epcot.

Also there are more food choices next door to the convention center at the Hilton which are a bit cheaper.

We went to CPK the first day (California Pizza Kitchen) and it was pretty good. Then we went to Subway for dinner the second. Then The Habit Burger Grill the third and it was awesome. If you have a car, I definitely recommend driving to The Habit or In N Out.

That’s also where we rented our house. If you have a large team, renting a house can be much cheaper.

EXO took 65 people to World Championship. Maybe they could have rented one of these homes.