2012 Baltimore City Robotics Olympiad

120 teams of middle schoolers who started building robots less than 5 weeks ago.

Two divisions, 3 fields on each, 5 matches, over 60 medals awarded, and we ran mostly on time.

One technology company walked in with cookies for the teams after reading about the event through an online technology publication.

An incredible number of volunteers - over 140! - including 30 fantastic judges from corporations, education and non-profits. I am still sorting all the volunteers out, and and have a ton of thank yous to write. More than 100 were brand new to robotics.

The students had a fantastic day.

If there was a “like” button, I would have clicked on it. Congratulations! Sounds like a great event.

Sounds pretty awesome. Are there any videos or pics from it?

There are hundreds of pics.
I know this is probably not what you are asking for, but I like these.
40% girls

I ordered gold medals, instead of trophies. They were a hit.

photo credits: R. Needel

I second that, this is awesome.

… That robot’s arm fell off! :eek:

Just part of the arm. Luckily the driver was testing it out on the practice field.


I was asked to write a guest blog for the AmeriCorps-NCCC national site. I talk about this event, the summer program, and VEX and FIRST.