2012 Mid-Continent League Championship

On Saturday, February 11, 2012 the championship for the middle school division of the league in Nebraska took place. Teams arrived early in the morning and alliance selections took place immediately. You may think that because its middle school the teams won’t be as good but I can tell you that middle school in Nebraska is EXTREMELY competitive. The semifinals and finals had some truly epic matches (the finals took four matches because of a 23-23 tie in match three). In semifinal one alliance four with teams 985B (my team, we had problems with our drive and the fact that our alliance partner couldn’t do much) and 1068A lost to first ranked alliance 4837B and 3919B, and in semifinal two second alliance 1061B and 1061E beat 4837A and 3919A in a very close match. In the finals the first alliance edged the second alliance 23-22 (something like this I’ll have to double check). The Excellence award went to team 4837B for finishing first in the standings for qualifications. I do have some video from the semis and finals but I’ll have to wait to hear that its okay to release it before I do. I can tell you that in the semifinals there was a robot fairly similar to 2625A’s, two robots patterned off AURA designs, two parallel tank tread designs, two unique linear slide based designs, and one more linear slide design.

It’s always really cool to hear about other teams using our stuff, especially when they’re halfway across the world in places that none of us have ever been! Sounds like the competition was pretty good, and there was plenty of variety - good to see that some teams are able to use the linear slides effectively!

Yeah, your stuff is always pretty amazing. I don’t want to say too much about the linear slides, but I will say they could lift very fast and could hold more than one object. Our A team is working on something similar.

wow i thought no one else would be crazy enough to build that but us, I’d love to see how it did and what it looked like.

Haha, like I said it was similar but not exactly the same. I will ask at our next competition (Febr. 18) if they mind you seeing pictures.