2012 TSA Nationals Results

I figured I would post the results from our competition on the bus ride home. This past weekend 83 teams competed in the 2012 National TSA Conference VEX Robotics Championship with the following results:

Tournament Champions:
9696F Syracuse High School, UT
136S L.V. Berkner High School, TX
4497 Haile Middle School, FL

Tournament Finalists:
383V Lowndes High School, GA
4159A High Technology High School, NJ
4791B Wake Forest High School, NC

Excellence Award:
5900C Bayshore High School, FL

Congratulations to everyone who competed and qualified for Nationals. Hope to see everyone there next year!

By any chance do you have video to post?

Personally, no I do not. Normally we videotape all the matches at events, but this year we didn’t have the manpower for such an effort and we were too busy scrambling around to take video of anything else. I don’t have a solid connection to check youtube right now for any others’ videos, sorry. Though I can try to answer any questions you have.

Congratulations to all the TSA/VEX teams!