2013-14 vex game predictions, worlds locations etc.

Yes, i know there is already a post about this but i thought id mix it up a bit. Where would you like the worlds to be? What scoring objects would you like? would you like a maze-type field, a terrain or height changing field? what would you like to score the objects on/in?

Just wondering…

I would like a sphere game again. Maybe small diameters like ping-pong balls. I also think VEX will not do a raised field because that would get expensive, and could cause some problems like: falling off the field.

I hope it’s in Indianapolis :stuck_out_tongue:

+1 for Indianapolis

I like the ping-pong ball idea. They’ll be bouncy and challenging to manage. Perhaps we put them on some sort of tray?

Another idea: ladder ball. It’s hard to explain, easier with images.

Also, I don’t think a maze activity would be a good idea because a) fields aren’t large enough, b) it would expensive, and c) that’s not really an offensive game.

Thanks for your input. However one thing i dont exactly agree on is the raised field one. i remember a long time ago (4 or 5 years. possibly one of vex’s first seasons) vex had a game called half pipe hustle or something… they used squash balls (aka racketballs) and the field was a quarter pipe curve. caused alot of tipping and alot of bases bottomed out at the high angled points. if they had some minor terrain changes such as a teeter totter idea or something… i think that could add some fun… i also like the idea of those Jacks you play with with the ball you bounce… as a scoring object. wouldnt it be cool if they used sacks in the future as an obsticle!!! they are horrific when it comes to messing with your base/wheels…
Hawaii would make a nice place for the worlds! or back to florida and disney :stuck_out_tongue: