2013-2014 VEX U Thanks!!

Now that everyone has gotten back and settled after World Championships, we at Rice University wanted to say thanks to all the teams that competed in the VEX U division. It was a blast and for our first year back competing since 2009, it was a great experience. We had new members on the team that had little experience with VEX and they can’t wait to be back next year even more competitive and better prepared. Our older members have been mentoring our VEX high school teams (2587z, 2587k, 2880a and 5678) over the past few years and the VEX IQ teams (2587a and 2587x) this year and loved the level of competing that VEX U has grown to.

We started off bad going 1-3 on our first day. Started Friday off losing 2 more matches but fixed our issues and turned it around winning our last 4 qualification matches bringing us from being ranked 49 to ranked 19 and getting us a spot in the single eliminations. Our elimination match went as bad as it could have been with our 24" robot falling over on it’s back for the first time all year and our 15" having a short in one of our collector motors. We didn’t finish like we wanted to but we exceeded our expectations for our first year being back.

We would thank each team individually but there’s so much that could be said about every team there. So in short, we thank all the teams for being there and bringing the level of competition up to what it was and we hope everyone will be back next year!!

Also, Rice is looking to host a US VEX U National Championship in Houston, TX over the winter break similar to the US Open for high schools. We would like to get some more tournaments for VEX U teams before they get to worlds which would just make the competition level even higher. If you would like to receive more information about you can join our Google Group here: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/us-vex-u and join our email group for more information!!

GONBOTZ-U thanks everyone too. It was really excitement.

We are ready for the next season and hope to have the opportunity to compete in more events.

You guys were awesome to play with! I hope you guys come back next year.

Hopefully if our budget allows it we can make to Texas!