2013 NZ Nationals

It’s that time of the year again! Teams from across New Zealand are gathering at the TelstraClear Pacific Events Center to battle in one of the most competitive VEX regions in the world. Check-in and inspections were mostly completed today, with only a few teams still to complete inspections by tomorrow morning.

We have SIX world championship qualification spots up for grabs:
Excellence Award - High School
Excellence Award - Middle School
Tournament Champions (3 teams)
Design Award

Venue opens at 8am
Drivers and Coaches Meeting starts at 9am (3pm EST)
First qualifying matches start at 10am (4pm EST)
Matches finish 6:30pm (12:30am EST)
Venue closes at 7pm

Venue opens at 8am
Qualifying matches continue at 9am (3pm EST)
Skills face-off at 11:40am (5:40pm EST)
Alliance Selection and Elminations start 1:10pm (7:10pm EST)

Aaaaaaand the most important thing that everyone wants… the live stream: http://www.justin.tv/kiwibots

Extra thing for those interested: RobotEvents.com link, for live results and rankings etc.

Should be a great event, looking forward to it!


Qualifying matches have been a blast today, with everything running super smoothly! Five undefeated teams remain after (almost) 8 matches each, although a number of teams are hot on their heels and all it takes is one match to change the leader board.

For a bit of a behind-the-scenes, and what you can’t see in the stream…

Nathan (creator of AURA’s Gateway Scoring App, the TRSP calculator, and many others) uses three monitors to control Tournament Manager and enter scores (automatically):

Hayden (2012 and 2013 NZ Volunteer of the Year) and his AV team run the show, mixing video, controlling lights, and playing the beats:

Oliver and his team running the Skills Fields, where scores of 170 in programming skills (world 5th) and 365 in driver skills (world record) have already been recorded:

Chris Hamling (National Manager Kiwibots) talks with Matthew and Giselle (Volunteers and Facilities Directors respectively), with a Design Award interview in the background:

Main Arena with active competition:

Nationals is over, with some great competition had by all. Having plenty of scrimmages and practice days throughout the year (as well as Asia-Pacific) clearly showed its impact at the event, with very few rules violations and a generally high standard of play.

High School Excellence Award - 2918A GC/EC (Glenfield College), Qualifies for 2013 World Championships
Middle School Excellence Award - 7682 Wingus and Dingus (ACG Strathallan), Qualifies for 2013 World Championships
Tournament Champions - 2941A (Otumoetai College), 2915A (Lynfield College), 2941D (Otumoetai College), Qualifies for 2013 World Championships
Tournament Finalists - 2921B Free Range Robotics (Home School), 2941B (Otumoetai College), 2918A GC/EC (Glenfield College)
Design Award - 2921B Free Range Robotics (Home School), Qualifies for 2013 World Championships
Judges Award - 7682 Wingus and Dingus (ACG Strathallan)
Programming Skills Winner - 2911C Binary Blitz (Avondale College), 170 points (currently qualifies for 2013 World Championships)
Programming Skills Finalist - 2941A (Otumoetai College), 120 points
Robot Skills Winner - 2941A (Otumoetai College), 365 points (currently qualifies for 2013 World Championships)
Robot Skills Finalist - 2915A (Lynfield College), 360 points (currently qualifies for 2013 World Championships)
Amaze Award - 2918A GC/EC (Glenfield College)
Innovate Award - 2913A (Rutherford College)
Build Award - 2921A Free Range Robotics (Home School)
Think Award - 2911C Binary Blitz (Avondale College)
Create Award - 2959 W.H.A.T. (Home-Educated)
Community Award - 2950A Cuthbots (St Cuthbert’s College)
Energy Award - 5606A (Fielding High School)

Wow… a long tiring weekend is now over… personally we had a bad start to the competition, but thanks 2941a and 2941d for the great alliance :slight_smile:

A big thank you to all the volunteers! You guys are so dedicated, a very well run event :slight_smile:

Congrats to all the award winners, and the finalists for putting up a good fight - sorry about accidentally tipping 2941b :confused: if we had gone to a 3rd it would have been very close…

Finals 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJ7RFsrGEmg

Finals 2 is having issues uploading, but i will update this post when i can get it up :confused:

Thanks to everyone for the great event and it was great to be a part (well volunteer) for the event and also thanks to all the other volunteers for all their hard work.

Congratulations to all teams who earned awards over the event and especially 2918A, they really deserved that after their all their effort!

I’ve got good quality recordings of most of the event which I can upload to YouTube if teams want/it’s OK with NZ Teams?

What an amazing competition!

First I would like to thank Jack and his team (2915A) for the awesome alliance, not only at Nationals but also at so many scrimmages throughout the season. Also thanks to 2941D for being the best third alliance member I could’ve hoped for, I was really impressed with your performance in the eliminations, and also all the progress you have made throughout the season.

I would also like to extend my congratulations and thanks to the finalist alliance of 2921B, 2941B and 2918A, you guys had an impressive run through your side of the elimination bracket and put up a great fight in the finals despite encountering a few issues… On behalf of 2941B I would like to thank George and Jason as well as their teams for the great alliance.

On behalf of 2941C I also thank 2959 and 2919A for choosing them as a third alliance member! I really enjoyed the Semifinal matches against you guys, thanks for giving our junior team a chance in your alliance!

Finally, and most importantly, I would like to thank everyone involved in organising and volunteering at Nationals 2013. All of my schools teams really enjoyed the relaxed environment! It was evident how much work all the volunteers were putting in, and the super smooth running showed the effort that had been put in by everyone involved. I’m sure all of the competitors appreciate the innumerable hours of hard work :).

Best of luck to all the NZ teams going to worlds!

Final Wrap video here… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AP-mkOSq2sE&list=UUWaipKEG0r781IIoTcTY4_g&index=1

Photos and video of the eliminations will follow as soon as we can upload them.

Thanks to all of my great team of Volunteers. You are fantastic.

I’d just like to say thanks from and to the Lower North Island Region. The whole competition was run very smoothly and as a Volunteer I didn’t feel like I was constantly under pressure or needing to catch up.

To the region, you all did very well. I think the best nationals so far. Congrats to W.H.A.T. (2959) for placing 4th after Qual matches and not losing a match. Team Improv (5874) too placing 6th after the quals. Also Feilding High School 5606 for competing in their first ever nationals you had a tough match schedule and I’m sure you’ll be a force to be reckoned with in the future.

I’d like to thank everyone in the region for a great year and for that wonderful Mentor of the Year Award.

See you at either the first Ramp It Up! Scrimmage or Worlds.