2013 US Nationals (Hardest Teams)

Who do you guys think will be the best teams coming to US Nationals?

My HS guesses are:

My MS guesses are:

12A has a beast robot that can do everything! 404, well, we already know about them. 3018 is one of the best teams ever in VEX history, so we know they have a good robot.

Who else do you guys think?

I don’t know any of those teams, and I couldn’t find them with a quick YouTube search.

I know that the best team coming out of Arizona that is attending US Nationals is 1471. They have a fantastic intake system and a reliable Autonomous program, not to mention great drivers.

If you want to give me some videos of these teams that you think will do well, I’d love to see some good robots. Competition in our state is still kind of low.

12A/B: http://youtu.be/CYeTZqT_ziU
3018 (older bot (I think)): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fqrr7qtlVQc&feature=share&list=PL1mmZsuNSwIMKnX0FhtClZHHl2QDfOAbZ
404: [http://youtu.be/bXvg6jS2zQw

I thought 1471 wasn’t coming? Or just A isn’t coming? Are they two separate teams? I would like to see some videos of them.](http://youtu.be/bXvg6jS2zQw)

That’s very interesting that you have over 100 posts on the forums and don’t recognize any of these teams. ACME, ECR and TechnaPWN have all been around for multiple years and have placed highly in all levels of competition. May I ask what team you’re from and how many years of VEX you have done?

1471 isn’t actually going apparently, that was a mix up and they won’t be able to attend. I think the 12 teams will do well in eliminations, at least 12A and B, their robots looked very strong. 404 always does really well and brings entirely different designs to the table. 3018 has the current world programming record, with a design that’s pretty unique.
Other teams i’m excited to see - **1483 **typically has really strong programming, **1069 **always has great designs (their E team I believe won one nebraska tournament), **38 **to see that sick pneumatic drive switching thing, and 6252.

I'll be the brief representative from the Omaha area and give a brief run down on our teams. 

1970 - Always solid, haven’t really excelled this season but they will be competitive.
**5069 **- They’ve mastered the efficiency bot, in my opinion. Will be interesting to see how they do against actual defense, they’ve typically stomped qualification but lost out in elimination matches.
**8701 **- Pretty active on the forums, so you might actually know some of them, but they have two really strong robots.
**6069X **- Robot skills challenge runner up at our state tournament.

Last team is with a bit of bias, but I think **1064 **will put on a very strong showing. Our A team has won 4 tournaments in a row, B went undefeated and won excellence in league, and my team will be very strong, I think :wink:

I saw that 1471A was registered for Nationals, and I thought that they said they were going. I could easily be wrong, though. Not going to comment on what robot they are bringing.

323 from that video you posted looks really good. I like the design behind 12, and they see to be good at driving it. 404 and 1200 aren’t bad at all, but don’t look as good (to me) as the others.

Going to go and look up those teams you just listed…

In response to the guy asking how I missed all of the famous teams,

We’re Team 127 from Arizona. I keep meaning to add that to my posting information. We did around 4 competitions last year for Gateway, the VEX All-Star Challenge in Florida, one in California and two in state. I think we did six or seven this year for Sack Attack, two in California and five in state. We didn’t go to Worlds last year, even though we qualified, but we’re going this year.

Most of my posts consists of the Official Q&A. I don’t post to very many of the other forums. This is some of the first stuff I’ve discussed outside of there. Strategizing with other teams seemed like fun, so I’ve taken it up while home sick for the past week. I watch a lot of videos, take notes of designs, but don’t actually write down the team numbers or names. Eventually, some of them stick like Green Eggs or Free Range, but I never learn the rest. I’m working on it.

#lol… The 323 team is me :slight_smile: From that competition we have changed a lot.

And here is the link to the Robot Events page for US Nationals: http://www.robotevents.com/robot-competitions/vex-robotics-competition/u-s-national-vex-robotics-championship-high-school-division-1.html

As far as Texas teams go, look out for 4000 (Very interesting and effective descoring technique), 4000A (Extremely quick flip back roller), and 4000X (Huge capacity flip back roller that also happens to be very pink). In middle school, 1412C has some amazing driving skills.

Fair enough, welcome to the part of the forum where the greater bulk of us spend our time.

Sorry about any confusion, but 1471 won’t be able to attend nationals this year.

Also, we don’t have very many videos of our current robot, but we did a reveal of both of our previous robots:

Offensive bot: https://vexforum.com/t/1471a-sack-attack-omnomnom-reveal/22572/1
Defensive bot: https://vexforum.com/t/the-first-full-sized-double-trough-blocker-d/23149/1

Defensive bot: https://vexforum.com/t/the-first-full-sized-double-trough-blocker-d/23149/1

Oh, alright. I thought you had said you were going.

I guess 2114A is the only team from Arizona going, then. That’s what happens with the small VEX presence down here.

We’ll have four teams at Worlds, I think. 52, us, 1471 and 2114A.

All of those are pretty solid, especially 1064A. But I have to add 6813B and 1045F to the list. Both did very well at the Nebraska state tournament.


I heard that 323z was supposed to be pretty good :stuck_out_tongue:

hahaha :stuck_out_tongue:

I also heard that :wink: Especially with what they have done in the past 4 days!

Another team that has not been mentioned that is good is 7480C in the middle school division.

2114B is also going to NE.

I don’t know if I would call it a small VEX presence–maybe more of a growing force :slight_smile:

Don’t underestimate the 2114 teams. They did, after all, win the AZ State Championship over some formidable competition (including 1471). Great job 2114A and 2114B and congrats to 52B and 6879A for being tournament finalists.

…and 2114B …maybe 52B as well?

Even though 2177 has already been mentioned. I would like to say that this team won middle school excellence last year at worlds but in my opinion has an even better robot this year so I would say that they are the forefront middle school team this year at nationals.

I knew that 52 got into Worlds with the Excellence in Laveen, but didn’t think 52B had qualified. It was just Excellence and Tournament Champions for state that got accepted, right?

I didn’t mention 2114B because he’s not in the High School division. I thought that was what we were talking about. 2114A is a great robot, but I really think the lack of capacity is going to hurt them at Worlds. Down here they were better than 90% of teams, but against NZ? I don’t know how that’s going to work.

And what team are you from, may I ask?

Oh and just FYI make sure to bring warm shoes, because the pits are on top of the ice rink so the floor will be fairly cold.


Not sure how that works when one of the tournament champions and the excellence award winner had already qualified previously. I was speculating that it got passed on to the finalists. Probably not.

I am not speaking for any one particular team, but for the AZ teams in general.

52, 1471, 2114 and 127, just to name a few, are from AZ and all have great teams. Do they have the ultimate design? Maybe, maybe not, but they all have solid bots, great drivers and sound strategies that could translate into wins.

Of course, like you said, most aren’t going to NE and that is what this thread is about. Sorry to sidetrack–just couldn’t pass up making a plug for the AZ teams. :slight_smile: