2013 US Nationals (Hardest Teams)

Volunteering has its perks, mainly these views.

Pits, in the smaller hockey rink. There are 4 fields set up in here, two on each end. Red division is in the right of the image for the most part, Blue on the left.

and here is half of the venue. Other half is basically identical, with a stage in the middle however. Its broken up into 6 “quadrants”.

Both of the floors are on top of ice rinks, and it was a bit chilly, but is supposedly going to warm up. The walk from pits to fields is about the same as it was at the kroc center last year.

Thanks Jessie. 404, the perennial champs, 3018 and their monster 185 in programming skills, 12 for great all around performance, and 323z for a great robot. for middle school, I know for sure that 2177 has an excellent robot, having competed against it in nearly every tournament this year. They are great at everything. Look for 1200B at the tourney… Stop by and chat, my name is Andrew. Good luck at nationals everyone.

So the real question is… do we wear nametags? :o

Awe thanks Delta (: I plan on bringing my a game with my improved robot(:

4540C and 4540D especially for MS. 4540D is a mega-dumper that can score 20 sacks at a time, and is also capable of descoring very quickly.
4540C is an average spatula-bot, but can score a lot of points on the high goal using a unique attachment on their spatula. They also have an amazing driver and can descore a trough in seconds. 4540C was State Champion here in Michigan.

38, with their pneumatic pang-drive, passive high-goal flipper, and quick scoring and descoring, will also be a strong contender in the HS division.

And of course, 323Z is beast and will probably do very well.

Does anybody have the actual division lists for Nationals? I know the pits are labeled but I’d love to have an electronic copy.



Is that what you were looking for? (Click on “Team List”.)


The 1200 teams are suppose to be really good. They have a chance of getting into the finals of the Nationals tournament

hahaha :stuck_out_tongue:

You guys have been doing good! 1200F is very close to us right now :wink: