2013 WC Webcast Suggestion

To all whom it may concern,

During the 2012 World Championship, lots of family and friends of our team wanted to tune in to the webcast to see our team compete. They managed to catch some of our matches, but the videos showed very little of us or our robot, often focusing on the other robots on the field. The most notable occurrence of this was Math Qual Match 151 in which our alliance partner was GER (our friends said “we didn’t see you much, but we saw a lot of the robot named Fred!”). Our friends aren’t robotics people, so they’re not hugely interested in seeing the other teams’ robots.

For 2013, we’d appreciate it if the webcast showed the entire field for the whole match, like most standard match videos. It makes it easier for people to follow the matches, and anyone tuning in to watch any one team will be able to watch that particular team for the whole match, instead of just a few seconds.


seconded! :slight_smile:
and shots of the entire field would make it for easier analysis in the future for strategies and such (Pan pacific for example, doesnt have to necessarily be WC)

I agree as well :smiley:
Did they show programming/driver skill challenges at wc? If so, are they online somewhere? If not, that’s something I’d like to see in the future. Generally I find those more interesting then the actual competition xD

Just as a side comment, does anyone have the link for the recorded and saved footage? Try as I might, the search box does not seem to want to yield answers. I thought maybe if I went to the original link… but it just says that the channel is offline.

Go to http://www.ustream.tv/vexrobotics, then click on the appropriate channel/division. Then, look on the right under “videos,” where you’ll see a list of recorded videos. The match you’re looking for may be in one of the videos.

UStream has some saved videos if you look hard enough. http://www.ustream.tv/vexrobotics